Probiotics and Crohn's Disease

Research is underway to determine how the bacteria profiles of our digestive tracts is related to Crohn’s and colitis patients. This bacteria makeup of the gut shows patients have a few things going against them:...more

Dr. Oz: Lower cholesterol, avoid diabetes, boost metabolism with 3 unique probiotics

You take your car for tune-up. Wouldn't it be nice if you could treat your body to a tune-up that boosts your metabolism, reduces cholesterol and helps you avoid diabetes? Dr....more

Homemade Coconut Cinnamon Yogurt


Prebiotics, your gut and your brain

The manufacturer of the prebiotic Bimuno teamed up with the Dept. of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford to demonstrate the effects of prebiotics on both the gut and brain.They fed reds either FOS or Bimuno. Both produced effects on the neuronal biochemistry of the rats. Rats who were fed prebiotics (multiple times) saw BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) increase. Rats who didn't receive probiotics did not see this increase....more

Things That Made Me Smile This Week

This week I had some traveling and was on the road quite a bit.  These were some of the things that made my trip this week enjoyable....more

A Peek into my Pantry: Kimchi

This week a friend of mine asked which probiotics make good recommendations. Check out my "Wendie’s 10" page for  other items you should always have on hand at home. Probiotics are living organisms that promote the growth of healthy, beneficial bacteria in our gut. They help build up our immune system, and help to maintain regularity. They are most commonly found in yogurts or in pill form, but I thought of another great recommendation: Kimchi....more

Getting Into A Pickle.

Ban Bacterial Bigotry

Sometimes, the things we have come to believe are not true or are not completely true. Disease causing bacteria can be dangerous, but so can the treatments, drugs and preventative steps we have been told to follow. By studying other forms of information, in addition to that presented by the main stream media, we may obtain a more complete picture of what is actually happening....more
Your post has made me want to jump out of my seat and shout an "I HEAR YOU!" Very well said, ...more

Readers Ask, I Answer: Lactic Acid Fermentation

Yay!  Another reader question!  I love this stuff.Do you have any kitchen questions that are keeping you up at night?  Let me help put your mind at ease.  Email me your questions at unprofessionalcookery(at)gmail(dot)com.  Thanks guys!...more