Gift Ideas That Showcase Local Food Producers

The holidays are approaching quickly, and many of us are contemplating our gift lists. Since I moved to California, I've found myself turning more and more often to locally-sourced food gifts. They're a great way to share some of what I love about my adopted home state, they're consumable (no clutter!), and, in many cases, they're easy to transport....more

Slumdog Millionaire - reflecting the realities of Channel 19 community producers in India!

Ruchika writes: I am truly surprised at the film that is on everyone’s mind right now and the fact that it happened to be shot just 30 minutes away from my home in Mumbai, India. Slumdog Millionaire is an energetic film with an interesting storyline and was shot entirely in two locations that are close to where I live - the world’s largest slum, Dharavi, and in slum areas of Juhu. These locations are also near ...more

Hollywood's Amazing Women Of Film And TV

As part of BlogHer's focus on Women's History Month, this post is about amazing women in the history of film and television: women who inspired in front of the camera and women who crashed the Hollywood old boy network behind it. When I sat down and thought about the women I might want to write about, I was overwhelmed with names. Like my fellow Contributing Editor Maria Niles and her post on Women Who Rocked American History, I felt the only way to do the subject justice was with a list. The list I came up with was as long as my arm. By the time I'd whittled that down to something manageable, I'd immersed myself in the remarkable careers of a group of twenty-seven talented and pioneering women. They're listed alphabetically and in two categories, movies and television. ...more

I knew about Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen, but I didn't know about her going on tour ...more