how to be me when it comes to cell phone cases

Wanna know what it's like to be me? It's pretty hard, so I hope you're ready. In order to be me, you have to live by three very important life rules:1) Always be vocal about things you do not like....more

My "Can't live without" Makeup List ...more

Product Recalls: How Did We Ever Live to Adulthood?

 Graco is recalling its classic wood highchairs after parents reported their children fell from the chairs. Almost 90,00 chairs are being recalled. Now go ask your parents how many products were recalled while you were a child. Bet they couldn’t name a single product. Thanks, Mom. It’s a wonder we actually survived to adulthood....more

Literally, Pack Up Your Clothes and Go

It’s the idea of my son starting his second year of college and the impending move that is having me love this patented garment carrier. The Clothes and Go allows you to easily carry clothes on hangers like no other carrier, box or piece of luggage can. Simply lay it on a wide surface (bed or floor), plop down the clothes right from their hangers, secure, close and go....more

Fresh Wave: Clear the Air

I am a huge fan of ...more

Airborne Saves The Day

  About a month ago, as I was preparing for a relaxing trip to the Carribean, I began to worry that one of the many bugs that my kids carry home from the preschool might just wreak havoc on my vacation plans.  I did the obvious stuff to keep myself healthy, good diet, exercise and lots of handwashing.  However, sure enough, right before my trip I felt an illness coming on.  It was one of those hit-by-a-truck feelings r...more

Oh Stop. You're Making Me Blush.

Okay, so I must confess. And keep it between me and you. There are two items I don't like to leave the house without: Chapstick and blush. ...more