What's in My BirchBox | March 2014 Edition

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Grow It Girl Have you been happy with your boxes? This has been my first subscription ...more

Be SMART with Hair Product Reviews


BIG Mistake

You know how I’m a little bit obsessed with delicious marshmallows?I mean, I’ve done really well at cutting back a little bit, but gourmet marshmallows are pretty darn hard to resist. I did that product review for Plush Puffs where I was forced (FORCED I tell you!) to taste four different flavors of their amazingly awesome products. I also was given gifts from my friends (and boss), which of course also had to be tasted (aka devoured)....more

Product Review Worksheet - Free Download!

I never blog about blogging, mostly because I'm a total newb and don't really know what I'm doing. But I actually have something, albeit small, to contribute to the blogging community, so today, I'm blogging about blogging....more

The Honest Company: An Honest-to-Goodness Review

I must admit, when I was approached by The Honest Company, co-founded by the lovely and talented Jessica Alba, of whom I've been a huge fan since the days of Angel, to try out a few products, I was tickled. Tickled. When they asked me which products I would like to try, I wasn't shy. I wanted to try them all!...more

What You Don't Know About That Online Product Review

Do you shop or research purchases online? How much weight do you give to online reviews? Are you skeptical of what you read? If you're not verifying your sources, you could be doing all that research for nothing. Longleat Maze by joncandy via Flickr Read the full post at spydergrrl.com and caveat emptor, friends....more

Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs - Ewww!

We have all heard of the recent infestation of bed bugs, even in the most reputable hotels and retail venues. Bed bugs don’t discriminate and super cleanliness doesn’t detract them either.  I can brush off a spider with the back of my hand, but the idea of bed bugs anywhere near totally paralyzes me. It almost – almost – is reason enough for me to never want to leave my home. Since that is not an option, I thought I should research products that would help with the bed bug problem. And allow me to travel and sleep while doing so!...more
Bed bugs can spread very rapidly, especially in apartment complexes. Be sure to contact more

BlogHer Book Club: Waiting List Open to All

BlogHer is thrilled to be collaborating with Penguin Group USA to bring you reviews of great upcoming books, author interviews, book discussions and much more! They’re all part of our BlogHer Book Club. ...more
Is there any sort of COOKbook club? That would be truly lovely if we all cooked from a ...more