A Split Personality...sort of

I sort of have a split personality….most ditzy people do.I am organized and efficient and get things done in a timely manner.I know what needs to be done and rarely use a to-do list.I just do it.At work....more

Headphone Wearing Employees - Lonely or Focused?

I never realized there was such a furor over wearing headphones in the workplace beyond the disagreements I regularly encountered with managers when I worked in an office. Apparently, according to a recent Harvard Business Review article (Workers, Take Off Your Headphones), headphone wearing employees are missing out and causing an untold drain on employers. Who knew? ...more
I completely agree with you about headphones and being an introvert. I love collaborating and ...more

How to Live a More Productive Life by Changing This One Thing

I read an article a few weeks ago about a writer who decided to radically change her writing schedule and found as a result that she was able to see a significant increase in her ability to be productive and get things done. I was inspired to adapt this for my own writing and work life, but I thought the strategy could also be applied to my home life as well....more

Unemployed Woman

After working for 25 years, I recently have been laid off of work.  Coincidentally a good friend of mine has also been laid off.  We realized you can't spend your entire time looking at job postings.  Not only is this frustrating, but it's also depressing.  It's important to keep productive and enjoy each day.  We did some research on what free productive things were available in our community.  Much to our surprise there are lots and lots.  The libraries offer free computer classes, everything from powerpoint to advanced word.  The hospitals ...more

Working with a Disability

In 2008, I was forced to leave a job I loved.  I went through a serious illness followed by chemotherapy.  Chemo left me with several physical conditions.  I had worked my entire life since the age of 15, even while completed my degree.  My parents instilled in me a strong work et...more