How to Make "Time Constraints" Work for You

Are you stumped by the whole “Time Management” and “Productivity” thing?Have you taken those “productivity” trainings and wonder how the heck you can fit those “habits” into your life?Are you perplexed by how to squeeze this whole “business” thing into 3-4 hours, between day job and/or mom-duty?Jenn Aubert from and I jammed about “Time Constraint”… and how to shift your perspective to turn it from a challenge into a GOOD THING....more

How to Stay Productive Between Jobs

As many of you know (because I mentioned it on the blog a few times), I was recently between jobs for about a month and a half. I actually just recently started back at the Capitol a few weeks ago! The experience of being unemployed is still fresh in my mind, and I know better than anyone how disheartening and difficult it can be. One thing that I felt to be most important was staying productive every single day. I pushed myself to apply for a certain number of jobs each day, update resumes and cover letters for different industries, and look for freelance work to get me by temporarily....more

Is Your Time Worth More Than You Think?

Time is our most valuable resource. Yet, we are all guilty of driving further down the road to get gas for five cents cheaper, taking on a time-consuming home improvement project, or going from store to store just to snag a few sale items. We sometimes fail to realize that the time we spend, often unnecessarily, can really add up. ...more

30 Day Challenge: Wake Up Earlier Week 3 & Final Recap

I did it!I finished my 30 Day Challenge to wake up earlier....more

7 Things to Do on Sunday for a More Productive Week

Picture the scenario. It’s Monday morning. You can barely drag yourself out of bed. You’re exhausted. You get ready for work, barely making it out the door on time. You don’t have a lunch packed, so you’ll grab some fast food on your lunch hour. You sit down at your desk and sigh. Your desk is a mess because you couldn’t wait to get out the door on Friday afternoon. Your email inbox is full, more junk mail than work mail. It’s going to be a long day. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We’ve all been there. But it doesn’t have to be that way....more

5 Ways to Find More Energy

It is August, the hot, lazy, dog days of summer are here. It is a perfect time to relax, sip a cool drink and lounge around  doing as little as possible. And yet, I suddenly feel energized, inspired by potential and looking forward to the days ahead.  What is keeping me from wanting to be a slug, crawling under a rock for a nice long nap? A few weeks ago, I was feeling exhausted and burned out. Now, I am optimistically planning projects for the future. Where is all this energy coming from?...more

30 Day Challenge: Wake Up Earlier

 Hello August! Can’t believe the summer is winding down already…it flew by! I’ve decided that instead of trying to accomplish several different goals, I will put all of my focus into achieving one goal/changing one habit each month....more

How to Prioritize Emails to Gain Productivity

Sometimes in life you find yourself having to accomplish many things at once. Now I consider myself the Queen of Multi-tasking, but when you are getting pulled in every direction imaginable, the key to coming out on top is to prioritize. Knowing what items require immediate action and which can be put on the back burner, will help you cross tasks off your To-Do list a lot quicker. ...more

Would you take your kid's ADHD drugs to be more productive?

Here's an interesting piece about adults misusing ADHD meds to get ahead in the workplace.In this case, a 20-something who used the name "Elizabeth," actually texted her "dealer" to bring pills to her apartment so she could work until 7 a.m. She took the pills to help her concentrate on a PowerPoint presentation that was due the next day.What's scary is that this is not uncommon. The article states that stimulant abuse is no longer just a college-related issue; now it's graduating into the work force....more

Knowing your body's clock

I am one of those dreaded morning people....more