What if You Can't Unplug? Being Productive While Still Checking Social Media

In a few weeks, my kids will return to school and I will get back to work.  Sure, I've been working all summer, but at a much lighter load.  In the fall, things will pick up again, and I will have to find the discipline to tear myself away from email, social media accounts, and blogs for a few hours a day lest I get nothing accomplished. Do me a favour and help me by not posting so many good thoughts online that I can't help reading.  Re-entry is always rough. ...more
I removed the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone today. I'm going to try to leave them off ...more

How to Take Control of Your Inbox in 15 Minutes

How many emails do you have in your inbox?  After I crossed the 5000 unread email mark, I decided it was time for a major inbox-cleaning. ...more
Gmail is my personal business only, so stays pretty clear. As gmail still does not have easy ...more

4 Steps to Up Your Productivity Game + Worksheet

Ever have one of those moments…You’re staring at your computer, ready to start typing, but not exactly sure what you should be doing?You’re posed and ready with your fingers at the keyboard waiting for inspiration to hit.What pops into your mind when you plop down to start a project?Do you spend massive amounts of time figuring out where or how to start?...more

7 smart ways to increase productivity

here are easy ways i increase my productivity daily......more
Lady Lazarus Good for you Lady! It is so true. SO hard to get up and exercise and stop working - ...more

Cupboards - Kitchen revamp & organization 2014

Back again with the second installment of our kitchen revamp & organization series! Today, we’re tackling cupboards.In terms of cupboards, here are several helpful rules:...more

How to trick yourself into being productive

I’m lazy. Very lazy. Well, sometimes. Other times, I’m the Energizer Bunny on amphetamines.The laziness conveniently sneaks in when it’s time for housework, awkward phone calls, and generally anything else I don’t want to do.Why I had to get productive, and fast....more

Practical Ways to Be More Productive

My wonderful fiance taught a workshop today that I was able to attend.  The byline to the workshop summary?  "Are you running your life or is your life running you?" Most of the time, I feel like my life is running me...ragged!  That was until I learned what it took to be more productive!  My secrets?  Keep reading!The Personal Day...more

Barrenness or Building?

See the original post on DesireeMMondesir.com!...more

Do You Give Yourself Enough Time & Space?

You promised yourself that you’d leave the office at a sane time for the upcoming weekend or that long-awaited vacation, but do you?  Or do you try to do “just one more thing”? Sound familiar? You decided to be your own boss because you wanted freedom and flexibility. But, are you giving it to yourself? ...more
It actually depends on what type of business that you are in. I have had multiple businesses ...more

To the Woman Trying to Do It All

It's refreshing and important to be reminded that we cannot actually do it all--thank you, ...more