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Are You Addicted to Anxiety?

Do you secretly enjoy being anxious? Do you choose hyperactive and anxious over peace of mind and happiness (even if unconsciously)? If you secretly answered yes, you are not alone. Being addicted to anxiety is surprisingly one way that people boost performance and find comfort. ...more
WOOOO. This is exactly me, i have become so used to feeling the worry/anxiety that when the ...more

Multi-Tasking May Not Be So Productive

We sometimes take pride in being super multi-taskers; however, research is showing us that we are actually losing our productivity and the quality of our brain activity....more

How to Get Published: Bring In New Freelance Writing Projects in Hard Times

Don't allow yourself to get discouraged when business is slow. It just means that you have to hustle more. The more you hustle, the more you'll be rewarded, even if the rewards are not immediate. And those pitches that were rejected, or those proposals that were turned down? It's nothing personal. Rather, it's bad timing. Or a not-quite-right fit. Or a too-small budget. Or any number of other things. Be relentless, and the work will start picking up again. Allow yourself to wallow, and the few opportunities that are actually out there will pass you by. ...more
Thank you for the suggestions!  I'm a lawyer in real life but I also write a humor blog.  My ...more

Is Multi-Tasking Making You Stupid?

Let me respond to email while sending a tweet as I'm on the cell phone drinking my coffee. Sound familiar? When was the last time you did only one thing at a time? If you laugh at the notion, perhaps you need to pay attention because all this multi-tasking and e-mailing might be making you stupid and costing you time, money, and peace of mind. ...more
LOVE this, especially considering the post I wrote this afternoon on something similar.  I have ...more

Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior Before it Gains Momentum

Anyone having battled depression, anxiety, or an addiction, knows that the downward spiral extends further than it appears when teetering on the edge of control. Even if you’ve not experienced conditions as serious as these, it’s likely you’ve plunged head first into a dizzying, self-sabotaging abyss. I’ve been known to fling myself—like a dodo bird—over the edge of rationale on numerous occasions. In fact, I spent the better part of yesterday clawing my way out of doubt-induced rubble.   You’d think—by age 37—I’d know better, that I’d know how to stop self-perpetuated mental anguish before it takes me for a ride. But I don’t; or if I do, I don’t practice it. What I have learned—with desperate attachment—is...more

If You Only Have 10 Minutes Between Appointments

For many of us our days look like one fast moving train from one to-do to another. Down-time is hard to come by and often the stress level gets so high you can't stand it. Often, there are snippets of time in your day that you can claim to either get things done or de-stress. Believe me, if you capitalize on these little 10 minute miracle moments you can not only be more productive but also claim more free time for yourself. ...more

These are great tips. I do find taking a few minutes to deep breathe or meditate can really ...more

10 Years Later, As Much As Work Changed, It Stayed The Same

One of my daughter's friends opened a time capsule on Whidbey Island around midnight on New Years Eve to highlight what was,and what has, changed in the first 10 years of this millennium. With no time capsule to review, I have to rely on my memory to think about what has changed in my life over the past ten years. What surprises me the most, as I reflect back on the last decade, is that the changes in my work life are not as dramatic as I would have imagined. ...more

I hardly consider myself a Luddite, but I'm suprised how little has changed for me. A ...more

5 Simple Ways To Find More Time