Best of 2009

2009 was definitely the year of the Veg & Green lifestyle.  From Ellen to Oprah, Tal Ronnen to Alicia Silverstone, Gardein to Daiya, the last year of the decade was a veritable vegan, health & eco fireworks extravaganza! So I figured I'd compile my faves of the last year in case any of you missed them so that you can enjoy them well into the new decade ; ) ...more

Grand Opening for Mom Audience Marketplace - Buy or Sell Mom-Appealing Products!

I'm very excited to announce the Grand Opening of Mom Audience Marketplace, where you can buy and sell products that appeal to moms.Mom Audience Marketplace narrows down your search whether you're buying or selling. Our mom audience subscribers are looking for mom-appealing products - a great place to sell your wares. And, if you're shopping, we have products that moms want!  If you have a product to sell, you can get double exposure by listing your product on our Mom Audience weekly email, too. It's free!For all the details, go to

Animal Testing: What's in your cabinets?

Other than her penchant for shopping and candy, my wingwoman, Laura, is an effective vegetarian influence. When dining together, I pretend that she's easily offended (which she's not) and avoid meat dishes. Recently she said, "I realize that I'm a hypocrite. I’m vegetarian and yet I'm still using some products that test on animals. If I'm going to take a stand on this, I need to be consistent and look at all aspects of my life." Hence, my new interest in what we are calling, The Next Level. ...more


Pregnancy and Sex – Desperately Seeking Libido ...more

Taming the Fine Lines and Wrinkles

I was sent a sample of Seriesse Uplift Set to try. In the set is Uplift Lifting Facial Serum, Uplift Lifting facial Eye Cream, and Uplift Lifting Facial Cream. ...more

Feed Your Children in the Bath! Weird Shortcuts that Work.

This morning I fed my three children in the bath.  It sounds gross and I suppose it is.  They ate oatmeal and toast and I'd be lying if I said it went smoothly.  Rubber ducks got clotted with oatmeal, at least one piece of soggy toast had to be fished out when it was all over.  But for the most part, they got fed, and bathed.  At the same time!  And clean up?  Just let the water out.  ...more

Babies Belong in Cages (or crib tents)

My first child never figured out how to get out of her crib.  Ever.  Either she was risk averse and didn’t fancy a nasty fall to the floor below or she wasn’t as clever as other children.  When my sister in law told me about crib tents, I only half listened.  After all, my child was well behaved and sensible.  She stayed in her crib all night.   And so I had the luxury of dismissing crib tents as being vaguely barbaric, in line with those leashes you sometimes see on children in airports.  “It sounds like a cage,” I ...more
These tents have been recalled and the company has gone out of ...more

Is it Safe to Color Your Hair While Pregnant?

By far one of the most asked questions in the salon industry today. Wethrive on maintaining a trendy and fashionable look for the workplacewhich lets face it, is where most women are today. ...more

Something's In The Air

  You know how those strong household cleansers kind of hurt your nose and sinuses after you do a good scrub? Well, it seems that all is not well in the clean machine. ...more

I totally agree, and not to go all feminist but who uses this stuff and who sells/markets it? ...more