Professional Something

The prompt for today from the folks at NaBloPoMo got me thinking, yet again, about why I do this whole blogging thing.Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?My first response: Uh, no. I do not make a single cent off this blog, and never ever intend to do so....more

Who Am I?


Are You Professional?

Today's prompt wants to know if I consider myself to be a Professional Blogger.This is an easy one for me, no, I'm not. I'm a rookie, brand new to this blogging thing. I've tried blogging what seems like a hundred times, but gave up after just a few posts. The challenges have been most helpful to me so far, and it's taught me more about what I need to become a successful blogger.I'd like to make a little extra money blogging. So I hope to become "professional". After I've taken off the training wheels. :)...more

Please show your Blog License, Ma'am

I do not think I am professional blogger. I really wish I was though because I would get some serious street cred. Okay, I think a professional blogger is what Joanna Goddard or Beth Kanter does because their posts on the internet not only connect you but they were writers and have written stuff that has been published in print like a newspaper or magazine....more

When Should a Belly Dancer Go Pro?

This is a topic sure to bring out varying opinions and I'm certainly not the first person to bring it up. But I would like to pose the question: when should a belly dancer turn professional? ...more

overheard: web designer

 photo source: russellbooks.wordpress.comum, i know we're not supposed to eavesdrop, but this was kind of in my face and unbelievable....more

More Than A Pretty Face

 There are some serious misconceptions surrounding the world of sales and so as a part of the "Journal of a Mad Saleswoman" series, I figured I'd tackle them one by one, because while I have lots of things going on in my life, I'm appointing myself keeper of the "sales concepts" keys.  So here goes....more

Working Wardrobes: Are You Wearing That?

 What to ditch, what to try and what to buy this season.  While walking past clothing stores with a group of friends, we saw something startling in a shop window. We stopped and stared and it was not a pretty picture. We saw our own reflections. We looked so somber, all dressed in black and gray. ...more

The Power of Smile for Professional Success

Smile your way to professional success!05/14/20130 Comments...more