On Loneliness, Laughter and this Passion for Living ... a photographer writes

One of the more challenging aspects of my chosen career is getting up every morning and finding the drive to keep pushing forward ... alone. It’s the ‘alone’ that I struggle with at times. I often work 14 hour days or longer, as I tidy up loose ends while driving 3 new projects forward. I miss the office chat and the lunchbreaks, the structure of 9 to 5 and the stability of a weekly income ... those things that reassure a soul about their usefulness in society....more

When are trying to balance professional and personal in the same space. But I also agree with ...more

News of an Updated Photo Gallery ...

One of the things that used to drive my first husband crazy was the way I would work over my writing ... over and over, asking his opinion, each time.He would sigh in the end, asking, 'But you've changed nothing ... have you?'And I would point out that I had taken out two  'and's' and added a 'the'.Why hadn't he noticed it?Yes, so we divorced.Not over that. I'm sure it was one of my endearing qualities ... but we won't vote on that.  I won't even ask him to comment here actually....more