How Important is Your Personal Brand?

Branding is something that we are most familiar with in terms of a company that we work for our own corporate identity, but how much effort and credence do we put into building a personal brand? You might want to start thinking about it, because it can really help you as an individual, as well as the company you work for. Think about it. When you begin interactions with someone from a company, whether you are trying to sell something to them or they are trying to sell something to you, how often do you look up information on the person as well as the company?...more

Brooke Moreland is Changing How We Dress

Game Changers is a series of interviews with awesome women who are changing the landscape of the web. Does this look good on me? We've all asked ourselves that question. And, if you're like me, you spend minutes (okay, let me be honest, hours) in stuffy dressing rooms pondering this question. I used to wish that I had a portable style consultant in my pocket. Thanks to Brooke Moreland, I now do. ...more
Love the idea!more

Goddess seeking....

 Love the idea of me-harmony and Lay it all out there for potential dates/mates/stalkers to see in black and white. Problems arise with the fact that people tend to write what they aspire to be rather than what they actually truly are.  ...more

MATCH-ing up in HARMONY- my perusing an online dating site...

People judge me cuz o'my braids and my gold teeth..." "I got four kids. Never married though." "I like walking on the beach and rainbows." WHAT?!?! Are you flipping kidding me? I may or may not have a newly single friend. And she may or may not have joined a dating site (which I probably should not single out by name). We may or may not have spent hours scouring it last night in the company of two excellent chilean bottles of wine. I may or may not have peed in my pants from laughing so much. ...more