Get Ready for a Conference: Make a Plan

BlogHer16 feels big... mostly because it is big. At any given moment, there are multiple tracks of programming, sponsors to visit in the Expo Hall, snacks to grab, keynotes to hear, bloggers to meet up with... There is A LOT. Every time I go to the conference, I start to panic when I see the schedule because I cannot wrap my brain around the idea of how I'm going to figure out where I need to go and what I need to do. I'm positive that something is going to fall through the cracks. ...more

How to Raise the Next Generation of Writers and Programmers

It's hard to know where the line is drawn; where do their interests begin and where do what they think I want their interests to be ending? Because kids want to make adults happy; they want our approval. Sometimes they do activities or pretend to like things because they're seeking our approval. ...more

Better Summer Screen Time: Books and Websites for Engaging Kids

Every year, I put together my own mini summer school for my twins because I'm mean. Wait, no, it's because I see summer as a time to not only get ahead and set up a strong start to a new school year, but also as a time to work in all the supplemental pieces that fall by the wayside during school. For us, that is computer programming. ...more
What a useful thing to teach the kids. I should suggest my partner does this with our kids when ...more

Talking about TV

Hi. I'm Lauren. And I know nothing about television.Let me explain: Sometimes when I talk to other parents, they will tell me about the shows they or their children watch. And I have NO IDEA what they are talking about. I watch TV, but evidently, I don't watch what they are watching. I try to remember the names of the shows to look them up later, but I rarely do. Was it a reality show? Something you can only see online? I guess I'll never know....more

Stop Whining! Lisa Williams on Journalists Learning to Code

Amy Gahran, ContentiousWhy should journalists and other news/media professionals learn to code? More importantly: HOW can they learn to code?...more
As a green pea in the blogging world I appreciate you breaking down the ability to learn code ...more

New Year's Resolution to Learn to Code? There's a Site for That

@paminottawa tweeted last week: "Been wanting to learn to code. Had a friend post link to which sends you one lesson a week, free. #totallyDoingThis #cool"I thought: that sounds like a great resolution! So naturally, I checked out the website and promptly signed up.And based on the tweets I've been seeing over the past few days, it looks like a number of other tweeps did so too....more

What Is NLP?

There has been quite a bit of talk and more training opportunities for the skill of Neurolinguistic Programming, more commonly known as NLP. The name itself reveals the philosophy of Neurolinguistic Programming: our neurological system controls how our minds and bodies function, linguistics or language determines how we interact with people, and programming refers to our conditioning and behavior. NLP is based on the interplay between our mind, language and behavior....more

The Legacy of Ada Lovelace

An icon is a point of visual attention. On this day many of us will focus attention on Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace because she is acknowledged as the first computer programmer. Mrs. King did her programming old school style, on paper. In 1841 there were no computers. ...more

So that when Sidra comes back as a guess speaker she will not be the only woman in the ...more