This Teachable Moment In History

We are forgetting this important teachable moment in history for all Americans. We all have been witness to the outcome of this election. Tension is high and there’s this collective sigh whether it be of relief that you saw your candidate win or it was out of fear for what’s at stake under his administration. ...more

Failure is Feedback

The idea of failure is often stifling to most people--especially to me. In my mind failure and the idea of failing use to be equated with a lack of true effort. Now, in my thirtieth first year of life, realize that failure is not so cut and dry. You can in fact give something your all and still fail and that failure may be just what you need in order to propel you into the next part of your journey. ...more

Progress and Me

Progress and Me.A thought by Lindsey Dominguez ...more

How to Have a Helpful Conversation Online About Motherhood

It's a conversation about motherhood. With every voice invited to this conversation, it gets a little more real — more honest, more raw, more revolutionary, more alive. With that invitation, though, comes an unspoken call for responsibility. When you insert yourself into the conversation, are you positively contributing or are you detracting from its ultimate mission? ...more

Resolved: Work in Progress

"We write frankly and fearlessly but then we "modify" before we print."- Mark Twain, Life on the MississippiMy resolution for this year was to write more and post on my two (blog)...more

Curbside Furniture Shopping

Painting a table you find curbside is fabulous. Think of the advantages. It's not every day you get to:Spend time and money on something you got from someone else's trash.Confirm that no local stores carry the brand of chalk paint that you want to use. This in turn gives you the chance to acknowledge you are too impatient to order it online....more

What is the key to success in Crossfit and business?

Here is my most recent blog - from nicole-brodie.comDo you ever get results and you can’t really figure out how, why, who etc?Do you ever feel a bit all over the place, and as though you aren’t progressing how you should?Well  guess what?Their is probably a very good reason and a very EASY solution…Check out my video today, and find out what it could be…Can you guess??...more

Not the number on the scale

Hey y’all. I’m alive and kicking and swimming in moving boxes and paper. ALL of our stuff is coming this week. It’s great to have my things back and get my crafting stuff in order so I can hit the ground running with this little Etsy shop I’m setting up (more on that later…) but I am tiiiiired! Who knew we had so much stuff? Anywho, still making it to the gym pretty much daily. When I can’t get there I’m doing what I can at home....more

The love dare day 3, wowzah!

Day 3: love is not selfishWhatever you put your time, energy, and money into will become more important to you. It's hard to care for something you are not investing in. Along with refrainging from any negative comments, buy your spouse something that says, "I was thinking of you today."...more