so i have joined the blogging bandwagon of project lifers, i was a creative memories die hard for a number of years, and now its time to "get with the times". so here goes something. i have 4 years to catch up on, AND my youngest's baby book...which i will use creative memories for, since that is what i did for the other two. i really enjoyed putting together these pages...the first full page i am not crazy about and may still go back and make some changes. i love my title page for the year though....more

Project Life 2014: Weeks 3 & 4

I am back with my second Project Life layout for 2014.  That I now have four weeks covered means I have already done better than 2013.  Yea, I just did not do that well last year.  The switch to a two-page layout for every two weeks works much better. I once again went with a more artsy style layout, but I still feel like this style is missing something.  Next week, I will try adding more paint to my pages.  Maybe that will be the thing that makes the layout what I want.  For this week though, the layout is done.  Here is my layout for weeks three and four of Project Life. ...more

Project Life Week 4, for real

Hello again!  I ran out of time yesterday, so today I will deliver week 4 as promised.  I'm looking at the photos from this layout and realizing there is very little journaling, and one of my slots is just a piece of patterned paper with nothing on it.  Oh well!  I am moving on, and that is the beauty of Project Life.  It is ok to not have as much journaling on some layouts, because really the photos speak for themselves.  Alright, no more talking, just pics....more

Project Life Weeks 3 and 4

Hello friends!  I'm so happy you stopped by!  I have been working more on Project Life, and as promised, will show you today what's been going on with that.  I have been having fun with this! The last two weeks I have done traditionally, and can really see the benefits of scrapbooking this way.  I need to tell you that everything in my life seems to work in 10-15 minute increments. It's no wonder Moms have ADD or ADHD, because every time we get involved in something, a kid interrupts and leads us away!...more

Project Life Weeks 1 & 2, plus a bonus

Hello Friends!We are having a watch and see kind of day - we will watch and see if the kids get out earlier than the early release they are already scheduled for.  We will watch and see if the snow gets really bad, or if forecasters are just tricking us again.  Soooo, while we wait I will post!...more