5 Free Apps for Small Business Management

As a thrifty person in general, I'm constantly searching out free software and applications that will make my life easier. Especially apps that help me run my business more efficiently. I feel it's only right to share my favorite free apps that I use for my small business, that you may not be using (but you probably should)....more

great post. Screenshoots gives an opinion of usability. Sometimes i look through testimonials ...more

Don’t Be Tripped Up by “What’s Next?”

Most of us have an inner voice that’s always asking, “What next?” It seems that it’s never satisfied and is always pushing us forward. We can feel pressured by this voice to always do more.This human condition causes us to move out of present time and into the presumed future. In other words, we get ahead of ourselves, trying to see what we need to do next. When we have a dream, we may have a feeling that we have to create something BIG RIGHT NOW....more


As team leader, your responsibility is to guide your team towards a common goal. How you go about stimulating productivity from your team is the tricky part. Are you looking to increase your company’s profit margins? Well, it starts with stimulating a higher productivity rate from your team. Here Are Five Ways to Increase Productivity and Profits: ...more

Project management for real people

Waaaaaaay back in the deep recesses of the Dot Com Bust, but before the company I had worked for had gone under, I was in a panic. I couldn't accept the cliff that I was approaching, much less the inevitable freefall that was to follow. I bought a pile of GMAT study guides and pored over them during my lunch hours. I hated math, but I figured that re-learning algebra was preferable to being unemployed without fallback. A business degree would be like a suit of armor that would protect me from the recessions that affected the less-marketable folk. ...more