Project Runway Recap: We're in Single Digits with the Top 9

This past week on Project Runway, Heidi freaked everyone out by bringing out not only real! people! with real! bodies! as their next clients. But the clients! are! dudes! (Or are they?)...more
@LizaWasHere Ah ha ha ha! Great comment :)more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 10 Team Up, But There Are No Team Leaders

The Project Runway Top 10 split into two teams this week. It's about as pretty as such team challenges usually are. Although there are no team leaders, according to Heidi, they are going to pick teams ... just like gym class. As last week's winner, Anthony gets to choose first, and then each person chosen is the next to choose for their team. So it goes like this: Anthony chooses Anya chooses Viktor chooses Olivier chooses Bryce....more
@sharon weird, I wonder why I thought it aired on Sundays. I actually have it in my notes that ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 11 Can Blame the Children

It's not a typical team effort, so they all try to play nice. After a dramatic two-fer exit last week (Cecilia by choice and Danielle by auf) and the return of sweet hapless Josh C., the stage is set for one of their prodigal son challenges. IOW: Did they bring Josh C. back only to have him demonstrate why he was auf'ed in the first place?...more
You are on to something with this depressed thing. I'm worried about Oliver, Bert, Becky, Josh, ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 13 Face the Wrath of Nina

Hey, at least you know where you stand with ninagarcia on Project Runway, right? (And it's not on stilts). I'm finally starting to remember who most of the designers actually are...although not always their real names, and they are thrown a daunting challenge indeed: Designing for a client. A very demanding client who knows a lot about fashion. And that client is ...(already known because they told you the week before and in commercials)... ninagarcia!!!! Nina will be "very tough." Oh, really? Ya think?...more
I have been home sick for almost a week, and thanks to On Demand I have gotten hooked again! I ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 14 Run Away to the Crazy Circus

The Project Runway designers team up, and that's never pretty! Oh and also...being almost a week late with my recap isn't pretty either. This episode kicks off with a sight I really hadn't expected to see: As though Heidi needed to be any taller and more Amazon-Goddess-like, she comes out on stilts. Big, tall stilts....more
I'm having a hard time getting into PR this season too. I loved the wining design and thought it ...more

Project Runway: Week in Review...There's No Crying in Fashion.

[Editor's Note: Again...BlogHer '11. Must fill Elisa's massive recapping shoes... So here's what I did. I brought in a professional.  Allow me to introduce Jessica Moss aka 50% of Leyendecker Los Angeles (the other half is Jessica's brilliant partner Lisa Guajardo) that stunning label you keep noticing in all those spreads of celebrity "get her look" in all those fashion-y know...the print kind. That's, like, super big time....more
@thelovelynzie Furthermore, if these contestants wanted to be designers, they'd just go out ...more

Project Runway Recap: Season 9's Top 20 Become the Top 15

Can you say Guten Tag? Welcome back Project Runway fans...did this season sneak up on you too, or have you been waiting and salivating since the travesty that was Gretchen's Season 8 win?...more
I was shocked at the sewing ability of the girl from Grand Junction, CO and amazed by the girl ...more

The BlogHer Community Picks Its Favorite Reality TV Show

In March 2011, the BlogHer community was invited to select favorite reality television programs(s) on the weekly research poll. There were 9 choices for television programs, plus a 10th option stating “None: reality television is a symptom of the downfall of society. While a higher percentage (17%) chose “None” as an individual response, most people that took the poll did have a favorite ... ...more

I thought American Idol would suffer a rapid demise after Simon Cowell left but that hasn't been ...more

Project Runway recap: The WTFinale

You may notice this recap is late in coming. You may notice it's not going to be the usual blow-by-blow, moment-by-moment, outfit-by-outfit recap that I usually try to write. You may notice I have trouble saying anything at all about this year's season finale. Image courtesy Lifetime And all of that is because I still cannot wrap my head around the outcome. And I know I'm not alone. ...more

And yes, I always prefer the nice designers to the dramatic ones :)

Elisa Camahort ...more

project runway finale - no one even asked for my vote!

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