Project Runway Recap: Who from the Top 5 Is Going to Fashion Week?

[Author's Note: I missed recapping last week's Project Runway, due to BlogHer Food, but once I watched it on my TiVo I couldn't resist recapping all the drama, even if a week late, over on my personal blog. If you're interested, you can read it here.] Here we are in the eleventh hour, and I have to confess that the only thing I still care about is Mondo and MIchael's unlikely friendship. Can they get their own show instead of Austin and Santino? ...more

and was freaking out that I missed your post somewhere! :)

I was suprised by the April love ...more

If Tim Gunn Managed my Life

In my dream, he appears at the foot of my bed at 6 am with a silver tray holding coffee and scones."Wake up, sleepyhead," he says in that soothing, inimitable drawl.  "We've got a fashion challenge today!  To the closet with you!"...more

Tim Gunn Helps Those with Psoriasis

I’m a huge Project Runway fan.  I realized that I’ve actually seen every episode of every season except for the very first episode of the first season of the show.  I think this season of the show has turned out to be one of the best, and ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 7 Unleash the Floodgates

Seriously, dudes, Project Runway isn't supposed to make me cry. Over and over. ...more

Mondo has been my favorite designer for a while now, but his bravery this week was astounding. ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 8 and the $20,000 Eyeshadow

This week's episode starts with all the boys moving in together. This makes Andy very happy, since he's been "alone in a room with Michael C. for a while now", and he's really glad to have people around that he "trusts". Seriously. I liked Andy in the beginning, but in his own super-subtle way, he is the cattiest one of all!! Andy, honey, I can assure you: Michael doesn't trust you either. (I guess I don't have to call him Michael C. now, since Michael D. is gone, so he'll be just Michael from now on.) ...more

she is a one note - all of her looks, to me, resemble each other...and she whines and picks on ...more

Project Runway Recap: Jackie Kennedy's Camel Toe

"I do not think 'Jackie O.'s style' means what you think it means." This week the designers had what should have been a fairly straightforward challenge, and came up empty-handed. Perhaps after weeks of having to act excited about calling people like Kristin Bell and Selma Blair "style icons" they just didn't know what to do with a real one, namely: Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Image courtesy Lifetime ...more

This week was a perfect example of fabric choice making or breaking an outfit. Mondo's choice ...more

"Make it Work People"

I am a huge fan of Project Runway.  From the very beginning in 2004, I have faithfully watched every single episode…by myself....more

"Project Runway" Recap: The Top 8 Go Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

And I bet I'm the ONLY one to pull out that bon mot, right? Last week, Michael C. shocked the world, or at least his fellow Project Runway designers, by winning his second challenge. Even designers who don't make a full-time job out of being nasty seem to find Michael fair game. Instead of a lightning rod, he's a nasty rod. Which sounds really dirty. I'm sorry. So when Michael C. says that "None of them were happy" when he won, and that it hurt, I had to wonder: Was he surprised? ...more

I totally agree with you. I so want Michael C to win, if only because it means that Gretchen ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 11 and the Attack of the Life! Sized! Women!

After last week's drama-filled episode ... Casanova goes form zero to hero! Gretchen shows her not-very-well-hidden true colors! Michael C. gets thrown under the bus again, and again, again! Tim lays the smackdown on Team FauxLuxe! Swatch lives! I'm sure all Project Runway fans were anxiously awaiting this week's episode. Would the other FauxLuxe designers shun Gretchen? Would Casanova finally escape being a Dangerfield? Would Michael C. kill all those nasty backstabbers in their sleep? ...more

...although they never found him an appropriate sidekick. Because IT SHOULD BE ME, OF ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top Twelve Tackle a Team Challenge

And you know that isn't usually pretty, right? Actually this week the team challenge didn't seem to bring out as much drama as they usually do. One big diva, one designer who got picked on, one backpedaling, two-faced beeyotch. I know that might sound like a lot, but usually it's all twelve who would be engaging in such antics!! of course the episode came with an unexpected twist ending which brought all the drama and drama-seeking viewer could ever want!! You'll just have to stay tuned and find out. ...more

This military style from Aj is amazing. I would get it for me!

Style is a state of ...more