Project Runway Recap: The Top Twelve Tackle a Team Challenge

And you know that isn't usually pretty, right? Actually this week the team challenge didn't seem to bring out as much drama as they usually do. One big diva, one designer who got picked on, one backpedaling, two-faced beeyotch. I know that might sound like a lot, but usually it's all twelve who would be engaging in such antics!! of course the episode came with an unexpected twist ending which brought all the drama and drama-seeking viewer could ever want!! You'll just have to stay tuned and find out. ...more

This military style from Aj is amazing. I would get it for me!

Style is a state of ...more

Project Runway Recap: Hats Off to the Top 13

No, really, hats off, please, because most of their outfits didn't do the hats justice! This week was a pretty fantabulous opportunity for the designers to show off their most conceptual, high-fashion proclivities, as they were each paired up with a model wearing a big, bold Philip Treacy hat. These hats made statements. Being a SF Bay Area native, I kept wondering when that gal with the city of San Francisco on her head (from Beach Blanket Babylon) was going to show up. ...more

Hat is a great addition to the outfits - big hat is a BIG and great addition to the outfit. I ...more

Project Runway Recap: Betsey Johnson Parties With the Top 14 Designers

This week the designers were sent to a party, or rather a party store. Yes, this was one of those challenges revolving around making designs out of unconventional materials. In this case, things you could buy in a party store. Tim warned the designers that the judges wouldn't like them just picking up materials that could act like traditional fabrics (i.e. tablecloths) but most of them gravitated to things like napkins, ribbon, tablecloths anyway. So, what did we learn in this episode? ...more

That's really cool that Betsy get so many amazing designer together. I bet it was great show.more

The Return of Project Runway: The First Recap of Season 8

Here we go, here we go, here we go! And we are still in New York City, FTW!!! Listen, Papa Gunn said NYC was the place to be. One must need always listen to Papa Gunn. Including when he tells you that wearing a teeny fedora makes you look lame. Image courtesy Lifetime OK, let me pull myself together from slightly incoherent, but obviously jubilant, ramblings about the start of Season 8 of Project Runway, and actually recap the premiere 90-minute Project Runway opener. ...more

Hands down the ONLY 'reality' tv show I will watch. Tim Gunn is amazing!!


Project Runway Recap: The Finale, the Winner, and My Thoughts on Season 7

The Top 3 present perhaps the most consistent and wearable finale collections ever, but did anyone really knock it out of the park? So, Season 7 of Project Runway is all over. How did we like it? Was it a big improvement over the inaugural season on Lifetime last season? Will you watch season 8? I liked it OK. It was a big improvement over last season. And of course I will watch Season 8! But. -Please keep the show in NYC. L.A. does not cut it. ...more

Yeah that teaser playing up the real reason Maya left got me too. Grrrr.

Devra ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Project Runway Smackdown episode

Mila vs. Jay, Tim Gunn vs. Emilio, Heidi vs. MK: It's all Celebrity Deathmatch up in here! Thursday night's non-finale episode of this season of Project Runway was full of bon mots, subtle snubs and full-on "oh no, he di'nt" moments. ...more

I agree with all of your comments, though I do think Mila has a lot to offer and I look forward ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 5 Go to the Circus

And we get sold a bill of goods on the circus! The views I'm about to express are mine and mine alone, and I can't not say them: You know Cirque du Soleil, that fancy-schmancy human-centric circus that proves you can be entertained without cages, bullhooks or the resulting abused animals? Yeah, if you watched Project Runway Thursday night, you might think that was the kind of circus Ringling Brothers Circus was. The designers were taken to the circus for "inspiration," and they and we saw about five minutes of all-human activity: clowns, juggling, acrobats. Very Cirque du Soleil-ish. ...more

I was so excited to see him back and then so bummed that he made that dress that didn't look ...more

"Project Runway" Recap: The Designers Dress Heidi Klum -- Again

Dudes, has the well run dry? Just sayin'. Yes, this week's challenge was just as exciting an opportunity as the challenge several weeks ago. Because it was the same challenge: Create a look for Heidi. This time for "the red carpet," instead of a Marie Claire cover, so ostensibly, a less exciting challenge. Now, it would have been interesting if either of these Heidi challenges were about dressing her in her Magically Pregnant state, but both times they gave them the easy out of designing for her post-baby. ...more

Would be awesome.

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Project Runway Recap: The Top 7 in a Fabric Frenzy

I will hand it to Project Runway. They finally came up with a new challenge that wasn't just: "Make fashion out of some craaaazzzzy ingredients." (Vegetables, flowers, hardware, car parts, you know.) This time they got to do something truly fabulous and relevant...they got to design their own print. ...more

That looked like so much fun. Fine that Anthony went home as he had no chance of winning but I ...more

"Project Runway" Recap: The Top 8 Take It To The Streets

This week the Top 8 designers got to do something fabulous and something horrifying. ...more

Swatch (for that is his name) was there when I went to Mood in September! I was looking at ...more