Project Runway Recap: The Top 10 Have a Hard Time with Hardware

[Insert obligatory "hard" joke at your leisure.] Forgive the delayed recap. Hard as it is to imagine, a mainstream hotel in a major urban center did NOT have Lifetime on their TV roster, so I couldn't watch this week's episode until this morning. Let me break it down: -One of Project Runway's famous "unusual materials" challenges, the contestants had to construct fashion of out things they could buy at a hardware store. -It was, apparently, hard. [Insert another obligatory joke here.] ...more

I told her they would not send Emilio home because they like him and I think Jess hadn't ...more

Laura Bennett of "Project Runway" Cuts Her Own Hair (Yes, Really!)

Laura Bennett is easily my favorite "Project Runway" contestant ever, both for her clean, classic designs and for her willingness to speak up when it mattered (Bennett issued an eleventh-hour challenge of Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia's final collection, assserting that he hadn't done his finishing work himself). She managed all this while pregnant with her sixth child -- and she looked great the entire time. ...more

I don't watch the show but this post caught my eye because I wish I had the guts to chop off ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 11 Get Small. Really Small.

This week's episode was a first-ever challenge: Design a "fashion-forward" look for a little girl. Out trotted 11 little girls between the ages of five and eight ... some of whom looked completely shell-shocked and freaked out to be on TV. But hey, I'm sure their parents would say they were all there because they wanted to be, and they couldn't possibly keep their children from that tremendous inner drive to be reality TV stars. ...more

I thought this episode was so fun to watch.  Seth Aaron's style is so cool, my 12 year ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 12 Escape Real Women and Design for "the Body"

AKA: If you can't make Heidi Klum look good? You have a problem. This week's episode of Project Runway saved the designers from the scary, scary need to dress real women, and put them squarely back in their comfort zone: Dressing someone who models bikinis and underwear again three weeks after giving birth to her fourth child. ...more

I just couldn't get over how the designers practically ignored the advice they were given. I ...more

"Reality" Shows - How Real?

Ok, ok, I admit it. I watch them - but, usually only 3:  " Top Chef", on Bravo, will return in a few weeks, "Project Runway" (new season, now on Life Time), has come back to NYC after a season in LA, and “House Hunters”, on HGTV,  which I’ve admitted to in a previous post.On the surface, it is all fun stuff, fluff – but, I’m not so sure....more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 13 Freak Out Over Real, Live Women

Still wondering who these people think is going to buy their clothes? ...more

Okay, so I agree with everyone who says the outfits were very ho-hum, and that the ...more

Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Style I Learned From Project Runway

I love Project Runway. I realize that this doesn’t make me terribly unique, but I’m human and I cannot resist its charms: I love the drama, I love the clothes and, like all of America, I love Tim Gunn. But what I love the most about the show is that beneath the cattiness and the glitz there are lessons to be learned if you're willing to listen to Tim, Heidi, Nina and Michael....more

Tim always says to use the Bluefly dot com wall "thoughtfully", but are the designers ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 14 Team Up and Cross-Dress

Or, really, make that Cross-Design, if I leave off trying to be all provocative with my headline. This week's episode finds our designers at the Met, where there is a wonderful exhibition of couture fashion. Their challenge is to be inspired by that fashion to create their own signature high-end look. In order to deliver something high-end, they are giving the designers $500 and two days to complete the challenge. Of course, they're also saddling them with a team member. If you watch this show, you know that means there is drama ahead. ...more

I thought the 1st two episodes of this season were outstanding...who knew that potato sacks ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 15 Get in the Sack

Project Runway is back in NYC, and all is right with the world. Or at least, so far, these designers seem to have talent; they seem to put well-constructed garments down the runway, and Michael Kors and Nina Garcia seem to be firmly ensconced in their judge's chairs ... as it oughta be. And Tim Gunn is nowhere near a pair of flip-flops. And you know he must be happy about that. ...more

'Project Runway' Alum Gehlhausen to Appear at THREAD

More often than not, the 45-year-old owner of the downtown boutique Goga turned out perfectly constructed, wearable, stunning garments; and more often than not, she was cast aside by judges. Finally, showing what was, arguably, the best of the designs on the runway during the final challenge, Gehlhausen was eliminated, one challenge short of showing at Fashion Week. Now, Gehlhausen is back in San Diego, focused on her designs and her boutique, optimistic about the future and looking forward to a weekend appearance at THREAD....more