'Project Runway' Alum Gehlhausen to Appear at THREAD

More often than not, the 45-year-old owner of the downtown boutique Goga turned out perfectly constructed, wearable, stunning garments; and more often than not, she was cast aside by judges. Finally, showing what was, arguably, the best of the designs on the runway during the final challenge, Gehlhausen was eliminated, one challenge short of showing at Fashion Week. Now, Gehlhausen is back in San Diego, focused on her designs and her boutique, optimistic about the future and looking forward to a weekend appearance at THREAD....more

Project Runway Recap: The finale, and not a moment too soon

Emerging from my ennui to recap the runway. So, we finally made it to the Project Runway finale, and it's a sad indication that the moment of highest drama, on or off the runway, was Carol Hannah puking in the bathroom.  ...more

I was rooting for her most of the way through, because she seemed the most consistent and the ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 5 in the most unshocking episode ever

In the most uninspiring season ever. Featuring the least stylish designers ever.  ...more

I agree with verything said above.  I was shocked at the weakness of the designs ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 6 say "What, we're supposed to inspire ourselves??!!"

So, how'd that turn out? Last night the Top 6 were asked to create a companion piece "inspired" by their "winning look", oh wait, no. We better call that their "best look", seeing as poor Logan, he of the hipster skinny jeans and disaffected voice, has never won. Or even been in the top....more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 7: Determined to go out with a whimper, not a bang?

Gordana should have won - by a mile. And Christopher needs to go home. I am not a Nicolas fan ...more

This Week in Crafts: Fashion Shows, Swaps, and Making It Work

I'm home from spending 24 hours at Pacific International Quilt Festival.  This west-coast weekend is a blend of hundreds of vendors, hundreds of quilts and a fascinating mix of wearable fashions.  I was there to work the Fashion Show -a Friday night tradition which is organized by wearable quilter Karen Boutte. ...more


That looks like a fun craft event!  Some interesting vendors.  I ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 8 Go Over the Top

 ...But it is never far enough. ...more

Project Runway recap: The Top 10 designers enter their Blue Period

You'd be blue too if Michael Kors came back, only to mock you! Ah, MK. How we missed you :)  ...more

I usually agree with you on this stuff but this time, I did like the dress. I liked that she ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 11 hit their stride. And this season's mystery solved.

Also, they try in vain to remind us that they're filming in L.A. this season, and that it matters. But all that really matters is that the L.A. move has deprived us of MK and ninagarcia. ...more

You're exactly right, Debbie.

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Project Runway recap: The Top 12 are black and white and inspi[red] all over

We're finally seeing a spark from a lot of these designers, let's hope they keep it up.   ...more

Trot out those Timisms to your heart's content, Beth. No complainst from me!

Elisa ...more