Better late than never...again: Project Runway recap: The Final Four

Isn't this "twist" getting a little less twisty each season it happens? (Spoiler alert, obviously) Oh, the humanity. To be in a place so remote, so primitive, that they do not have Bravo in their hotel rooms? Yes, that was my fate these past four days. To be in such a place. Sitting in a room, knowing Project Runway was on, but that I could not access it. Tragic! But I've gotten past it, thanks to Tivo. ...more

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Project Runway Recap: The Top 6 Like Little Girls

Did those women look that young to you? Not to me...those designers need some eyeglasses! OK, we're getting down to the wire (and as you probably know, all of the remaining six actually showed at Bryant Park last week.) Finally I have a couple of favorites, and sadly there are a couple of folks who just really need to go now. One of whom is Suede. Suede seems like a nice guy, but Sueded can't even stick to his schtick...which annoys me. And his "taste level", as Nina "no hola" Garcia calls it, seems to be sorely lacking. ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 8 work with Losers

OK, I know that doesn't sound very nice, but I'm simply being literal. Last night the "twist" (because Leanne keeping her model was about as non-twisty as it could be) was that the 8 eliminated designers were brought back...not for a chance to compete again, but to "help" the remaining 8 designers on the week's challenge: To create an avant-garde design inspired by the astrological sign of one of the team members. ...more

Seriously, Kenley needs a spanking. That girl is way too enamored with herself, and downright ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 9 are (mostly) warming up

...Of course, not working in teams...or with groceries...usually helps Last night's episode of Project Runway was the second strong one in a least from a runway point of view. To be honest I've tuned out of the "backstage drama" portion of the show. The ones that might have been the ones you love to hate have mellowed out; the ones you thought you might love never really stepped up to be that object of fandom, and frankly...haven't they reduced Tim Gunn's "mentoring" to a handful of "make it work"s and "carry on"s this season without a whole lotta substance going on? ...more

should be shot! I loved Leanne's outfit, and I would be happy to buy it! I'd wear Kenly's ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 10 FINALLY get it going on!

Well Hallelujah! From the most unlikely of sources (car parts) the Project Runway designers finally derived real inspiration and went for actual innovation. Last night's episode was the most interesting...and featured the best runway designs...since the season started. who's with me? ...more

Agreed...his vibe is soooo stuck.

Elisa Camahort Page

My ...more

Teaching kids about money: toss Monopoly, tune into Project Runway, log on to MMORPGs

When my kids were young, they loved to play Monopoly. Whenever they'd visit their grandparents, the 1950s version of the board game came out of the closet. They'd be entertained for hours (much to my pleasure). My mom and dad loved to play the game and my kids learned some good lessons about how to win and lose. As for teaching them about money, the economy, the marketplace, it gave them all the wrong ideas. I will concede that Monopoly can teach kids some of the mechanics of money like how to count or how property is treated as an asset. But as an economic idea, it's time is long gone. ...more

I think you make some very solid points in this entry especially that the rules are changing ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 11 and the "most fabulous runway show ever"?

This was supposed to be the most fabulous Project Runway ever. Take 11 designers, 11 drag queens and the urbane Tim Gunn, sprinkle in a little Chris March pixie dust, and poof! Magic. sadly, while this group is distinguishing itself with the sniping and the delusional thinking, they're not distinguishing themselves where it really should count: with talent and innovation and an eye for beauty. We are spared a meaningless model elimination at least, so there's that. So, what did we learn about this still-too-big-to-keep-track-of group of designers this week? ...more

Even Ru Paul looked a hot mess instead of glam like s/he used to.  I feel like the designers ...more

Project Runway - The Drag Queen Challenge

Thank you to Chris March and all of the beautiful ladies for breathing a little life into Project Runway last night. I loved the challenge, I loved the attitudes and I loved who finally went home! ...more

Project Boring and Bratty (certainly not Runway)

I think I am getting a little bored with Project Runway this season. Is that possible? ...more

I completely agree although I am excited to see Chris next week.  Please oh please don't let ...more