Project Runway Recap: The Top 12 Team Up and Throw Down

...And fawn over Brooke Shields and her mediocre Sex and the City knock-off. ...more

...they send the cute twentysomething girl home, kind of out of nowhere. I agree Kelli's ...more

The Quotes of Project Runway

Here are a few of the choice quotes that struck my fancy on this weeks episode: "life goes on, its a competition, and someone has to go home" states Korto when describing how "sad" she is that Emily has been sent home. Not looking for life long friends I guess. ...more

Project Runway - Hello Summer Olympics, Goodbye Dali!

DAHLINGS – The Olympics have started, but it’s the end for Jennifer, whose mantra was that her vision was “Holly Golightly at a Salvador Dali exhibit.” Poor deluded little thing. This week’s challenge was to create outfits for the female athletes at the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. Simple enough, wouldn’t you think? Non. Not for this bunch. ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 13 are starting to become distinguishable characters to me

I'm starting to get the hang of this seasons contestants, and last night's episode went a long way toward solidying them in my mind, how about you? Except for the two who are totally indistinguishable from one another. For example: Joe is this year's straight guy, straight, dammit!! And like many of the other straight guys from other seasons (I'm talking to you Kevin) he has no personal style whatsoever. ...more

And yes, terribly hard task. I agree that the "uniforms" from many of the nations from Africa ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 14 finally get a chance to show their vision and skills...Epic FAIL

The challenge on last night's episode of Project Runway should have provided the designers all the tools they need to really shine: Pick their inspiration Pick their fabrics Design the outfit of their choice (with the caveat that the inspiration and destination for the outfit should be NYC at night.) I was expecting to really get a lot of great outfits and to be able to start to determine which designers I should be rooting for. ...more

I am so glad I found this recap.  ...more

Project Runway Recap: Could have used more education about "Green Fabrics"

Because mostly we were saying, "That's not green, that brown. That's not green, that's champagne. That's not green, that's black...what the hell are they talking about?" ...more

Until she starting crying at the judging.  I guess that's umsympathetic, but now I find my ...more

Project Runway Recap: Season 5 begins!!!

And before we can blink an eye (because we blink really really slowly) one of the designers is gone! I know that I often sing the praises of Project Runway because it is very respectful of my valuable time. None of this weeks and weeks of audition episodes that are all about cruelty and humiliation. None of this two hours for challenge/performance, and then another day and another hour just to get the results that really only take two minutes to announce. ...more

They all work so hard - making a dress out of pipe cleaners or plastic cups is not easy! I am ...more

Project Runway Recap: The inevitable becomes actual

And in the meantime we do see three strong collections of well-crafted clothes Somewhere towards the middle of this season's Project Runway (perhaps after the prom challenge) it became clear that the judges considered Christian to be a young prodigy who needed every bit of boosting they could give him. He certainly didn't win every week, but he was in the top, and he evaded the bottom. (And no, I'm not going for some double entendre there, keep your minds out of the gutter!) ...more

There's a more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 5 Get a Dream Challenge

If you follow Project Runway, the you probably know how things work when they get down to the final few. because Fashion Week happens before the show itself gets to that point (and yes, I wonder why they just don't schedule the show a little differently) they end up having "decoy" shows from designers who didn't make the final cut. This year the entire Top 5 did indeed get to show a collection during Fashion Week. You can go check the collections out picture by picture at Blogging Project Runway. ...more

Yes, I should have pointed out that she's now doing a cool, militaristic jacket every ...more

Project Runway recap: The Top 6 Go To War Making Sex Noises

And the results are about as scary and tacky as you'd expect ...more

Project Runway is the bomb!

I am not a designer, seamstress, crafty, sewer or even the least ...more