Nearly Miraculous Daily Habit

Allot Fifteen Minutes a Day to Your ProjectIf I could actually make you do stuff, the first thing I would get you to do is to spend fifteen minutes each and every day working on your project.As it happens, you are the agent of change in your life, and I can’t really make you do anything.But I strongly urge you to make this daily commitment to your project....more

Food related weekend Projects that will make your week so much easier!

There are so many things to do in the kitchen sometimes that it can get overwhelming. I normally try to plan ahead and I find myself coming up with all of these little chores and hacks that will make my life easier. The second I slip during the week, I tend to rush towards the nearest fast food place so it helps to have things in order. Here are easy weekend projects that you can do to make your week just a little easier. 1. Roast Red peppers & keep in fridge (in a ziploc back with a bit of oil)...more

Spring Break- A Project a Day

Instead of long travel or sticking to regular routine, for this spring break we're spending time together exploring history with borrowed museum artifacts, photography by putting together a camera, art with a box full of new materials, story with audio stories even we grownups look forward to hearing, and of course nature and the vastness in our backyard. ...more

Make Models of Atoms & Molecules With Kids!

February 27, 2014 Sometimes homeschooling is like a water molecule: 2 atoms of information bonded to 1 atom of “don’t spend too much time worrying about kids remembering every detail…” Even if they are young, kids tend to have a natural curiosity of the world around them, and a love of science is easy to nurture....more

DIY Dining Room Curtains

This particular project is not new - I just haven't documented it here yet. (Summer's fault).Our dining room curtains in all their glory!...more

Pressing Moments

Days pass, the hours and minutes diabolically fluid, unconcerned by things like consistency. They sometimes stretch impossibly, then other times disappear without warning. I tell myself I should buy sparklers but when I look up, I’m late for jack-o-lanterns. We talked about Disney World, but they were too young, now we are in a sprint to beat the imminent disdain for princesses....more

Pet Projects & Summer's End

Emily Wenstrom | Read more at Creative Juicer | Follow me on TwitterSummer is officially over.I guess I I still have the school calendar hard-wired in my brain, but summer always seems like a time for something great. The weather is beautiful, the days are longer. All that sunshine just does something to me....more

A Yarn of a Tale

(originally posted @ My Day Job) I (finally) got around to organizing the yarn stash yesterday.  Oh my goodness!  I think it's time to avoid the craft store for a while and get busy!!  ...more
 @tennismama Thanks!  I taught myself crochet and knitting.  I do more of the crochet.  I don't ...more

I Am Hooked on Crocheting

 I am proud of:  a really great crochet project. ...more

Unfinished Projects

I dislike unfinished projects.  However, there's a lot of flexibility on the time frame for a project.Fifteen years ago, I created a To-Do list one New Year's that included:Learn to cook Thai foodHitchhike in AlaskaLearn to country dancePlay guitarThere was a bunch more on that pink scrap of paper placemat from the restaurant I dined at on December 31st along with some grease stains and crumples from being thrown into a box of important papers and miscellaneous stuff....more