How PROM Can Destroy Our Daughters

It's prom season. I don't even know people. My mind has been flipping around thoughts, that happen to run into my emotions and then I find myself confused and disgusted and convicted all at once.  The Prom, which is another fancy and loaded word for High School dance, is a time where students spend now on the average of $1100 to go hang out with the same friends they see all the time, every day. Yes, $1100.  A house payment.Now before I go on I have a few things to say :...more

3 Ways Social Media Will Ruin Your Prom

It is that time of year once again.... everywhere you turn there are the smiling faces of graduates as they complete another level in their studies.  Recent high school graduates to those completing their graduate studies, and everyone in between are turning to their social networks to celebrate their achievements....more

Dating Red Flags: Desensitization to Seething Anger

Originally published on ChapterTK.comI don’t know what teenager TK thought she’d get out of prom night. She was never the type of girl who fit into the stereotypical high school mold. She looked at the world differently than many of her peers yet, for some reason, prom was important to her. It was an experience she’d only get twice. Her thought process was that, even if it sucked, she’s have the experience. What was one more night of potential horror after all her years?...more

Dating Red Flags: Too Much Groping and Not Enough Listening

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comZachery drove towards the city with one hand on the wheel and another desperately clinging to a relationship he lost long ago. His hand squeezed mine in an uncomfortably tight grip, but I didn’t complain. Sitting as far away as I could from him, gazing out the window, I considered myself lucky that the hand at least stayed away from my legs after billionth time I told him to remove it....more

Dating Red Flags: Obsession, Anger and Control

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comWe left young TK last week scared and unsure of her next action. Out of misguided sympathy, she had decided to continue dating a man whom she didn’t like and who treated her poorly until two weeks after from. Having made this decision in late March, this meant at least another month and a half of dating....more

The Five Most Ridiculous New Prom Traditions

What’s happening to high school Prom?We already know there’s so much drama surrounding the event that Hollywood has immortalized it in movies like Pretty in Pink, Ten Things I Hate About You, and Carrie—you know, typical tales of unrequited love, fighting couples, pig’s blood and telekinesis (ok, maybe Carrie isn’t the best example). But now senior prom has reached a frenzy once reserved only for weddings—just without the gift registry (although that’ll be next, I’m sure)....more
I agree - Prom has gotten totally out of control!  We have a beautiful resort hotel 5 minutes ...more

Classic Prom

It seems that Prom is right around the corner and one of the top places I’ve come across, that offer a wide range of these classic prom looks is View Post...more

Will you go to prom with me?

Will you go to prom with me? Yesterday's post I was all like "oh, I'm old.  Oh so old."  Well, today's post is somewhat similar.  It's amazing what things have changed with high school.  Seriously.  Here's a case in point:  did you know that the asking of the prom is apparently this huge deal?  In fact...more

How Preparing for The Prom and Going to Disney are Alike...

Oh, you think that when they are teenagers that your Disney Days are over.Just wait until Prom season heats up. Then you’ll think that those Disney trips were pretty freekin’ easy.It’s part Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Animal Kingdom, and the Aerosmith Rockin’ Roller Coaster all rolled in to one day. Or month. Let me explain....more

Top 5 Worst Prom Dresses of 2013

It's early April, and no one has asked me to the prom. Yet....more