Top 5 Worst Prom Dresses of 2013

It's early April, and no one has asked me to the prom. Yet....more

Do You Remember Prom?

Today's Post on Real Talk Prom was so epic.  I went to 2 proms: junior prom and senior prom.  Looking back it was so major, but in the grand scheme of life it was so insignificant.  So why is it that so many people place such a high price on an event that lasts 4 hours?  If you didn’t notice the photo, that is me; prom 2006.  I had a blast.  I really did!  I enjoy dancing so I think RJ and I just danced the...more

Prom-a Drama

I was helping the Snapper select a corsage for his senior prom date.  Luckily he had a phone photo of his date’s dress.  I said, “Isn’t technology fabulous?...more

I don't think anyone had the same dress. Or if they did we didn't really care. ...more