Dirty Little Secrets: The Flip Side of Denying Girls Pleasure

Women in our culture are denied the opportunity to develop a sexual identity on their own terms. Instead girls (and many women) see their identities as tied up with how boys (or men) view them, never quite measuring up. By being taught not to be sexual, girls often have sex not because they want to do it, but in order to be accepted, seen, and, ironically, rescued from their belief that they are not good enough as they are....more
I LOVED this post.  I couldn't agree more!more

Let A 13-Year-Old Explain Why Shaming Promiscuity Is Wrong

Margo Fortier has been on YouTube for almost three years. In that time, the 14-year-old has amassed over three thousand subscribers and over half a million channel views. Last year, she celebrated her two-year anniversary on the popular video-sharing network by doing a video on a different topic that matters to her, every day for seven days. The first topic she tackled was "slut-shaming." Listen to her explain what it is and why it's wrong. ...more
Why is it that girls as young as this one have to even worry or be bothered by this trend, we ...more