5 Lessons Learned: Creating and Managing Promotions For Your Blog

Visiting our local farmer's market on Saturday morning is a standing appointment for me. This week, my daughter, her husband and I walked the aisles, tasting the samples and checking out the felted wool products. She picked up a pair of artfully crafted hot pads and asked the producer about them....more
Hey, Ann - well, as you know we're writing every day for NaBloPoMo. But, since I manage a ...more

I am out of the blogging closet

Okay so I started a new blog in the new year. The title of my blog is The Patty Beat on Word Press. Mixed in it my cooking blog is The Fearless Cook, about tackling ingredients, recipes, and kitchen equipment that strike fear in you with cooking. Last week on Blogher Chatter I sent out a question on which foods are you afraid to make? Two bloggers: sassymonkey and themarthacomplex, made suggestions (thanks very much ladies!). One suggestion was liver. I dove right in and reconquered her and my fear of liver....more

sassymonkey - You are the best!



Are Bloggers Hypocrites When the Comments Start Pouring In?

Well I don't know about other bloggers, but I am sure feeling like one. I've felt the hypocrisy creeping in as my blog grows but my hours in the day do not. The transition into this new stage of blogging is causing me some stress so I thought, why not blog about it? ...more

Thank you Tola. I agree.