Donating Your Time

I really wish I could have gone to Blogher15 but I am way to frugal and when it came down to it I think when I do go to New York I would like to volunteer...but how much is my time worth?...more

Where Do You Advertise and Promote Your Romance eBooks?

This post was originally on Check out Dalia Daudelin's romance and erotica for some steamy, fun reads!...more

My Most Used Social Media Sites

 Today on my blog, I'm sharing my favorite social media sites and how I use them to promote my various blogposts and YouTube videos! This will be helpful for any blogger/YouTuber.Check it out here!...more

Do You Shine a Spotlight on Other People's Posts?

So back when I was in Hebrew school like three zillion years ago, we learned about Rambam and his ladder of giving. There were eight levels, and it was in-grained in our brain the best way to give. While the lowest rung of giving reluctantly after being asked was you know, kinda fine if that's the sort of person you want to be, we should all be aiming for that top rung of giving before being asked and not doing it for personal glory. Just giving because it's the right thing to do and we all benefit when people act altruistically. And that's how I approach sharing blog posts. ...more
I share when something strikes me. After all my years as a journalist I often feel events and ...more

Leaps of Learning

I'm a guest blogger over at the DC Parenting Coalition Blog! They asked to reblog "A Mother's Embrace," which I wrote after coming home from the NICU with Little Elf. Yay for seeing my writing somewhere else!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...more

Be The Person Decision Makers Love to Hire and Promote!

Have you ever noticed that some professional women seem to get the best projects, clients, contracts and assignments, and their work is always in demand? Business women looking to move up must be constantly reinventing themselves, determining what skills they possess, acquiring those they need, and broadening their professional goals. Human resource professionals agree that executives consider the following skills and attitudes among the most important in promoting professional growth:...more

Book Promo: What NOT to Do

Google “writing forums” and set up profiles at as many of these as you can. Don’t worry if the focus is on different genres from yours –you’re giving them a chance to broaden their tastes,  the way you do when you send your collection of stories, say, to publishers who do not publish story collections.See where they ask for “occupation” in your profile?  They WANT you to promote yourself, so lie a little....more