Latest Trends: Minimalist Designs, High Contrast Colors and Oversized Fonts in Business Catalogs

Women are trendy. Women set trends and women mostly follow the trends set. So it only makes sense that women need to know about the latest trends in printing catalogs. After all, women buy more from catalogs than men, so we are essentially designing for ourselves. For the businesswoman about to design her own catalog for the summer or fall season, here are the latest trends that you might want to incorporate in your catalog design. ...more

Why Women Are the Biggest Market for Almost Everything

Marketers are spending more and more money on targeting women in their advertising and marketing efforts. And why not? Women make up 51 percent of the United States so it makes sense to market to the biggest group of buyers. Not only that, women make more than 80 percent of the buying decisions in all homes. Of course, there are other reasons why women are the biggest market for everything from electronics to clothing to home goods. ...more

Made By Hand By Me: A Co-Op Artisan Network

If you're selling your handmade work online, you know how challenging marketing and promotion can be. No matter which venue you choose to house your shop, getting potential patrons to view your work is one of the most difficult aspects of an artistic business. Enter Artisan Co-op. We are not a venue. We are something entirely different. ...more

3 Tips to Pain-free Invitation Printing and Design

Invitations are one of those necessary evils connected with most events. Everything from designing to printing to addressing invitations can be tediously time-consuming and cause the host or hostess much frustration and agony. The good news is that spending some time beforehand to educate yourself on invitations can make the process a little easier. Here are three pain pills, er, considerations for invitation printing and design, no matter the type of event for which you are preparing. ...more

Retailer Offers Help to Unemployed: Free Business Suit & Cash$$

One national retailer is offering an unusual promotion to connect with customers dealing with economic turmoil and rising unemployment:  a free business suit and cash for the newly unemployed. ...more

How to Get a 6-Figure Book Advance

We are at the end of week #1 for Write Nonfiction in November. Is your nonfiction project unfolding easily and effortlessly? Are you  learning new and useful information by reading this blog? I hope so. ...more

Go! Start Writing Nonfiction Now! And Don’t Stop Until November 30!

Welcome to the first day of Write Nonfiction in November! ...more

Polishing your pr skills - the secret is an open mind

If you really must know, and I've been doing this for over two decades, one of the biggest secrets to polishing your pr skills is simply - keep an open mind. Here's the whole story... ...more

Seven Free Tips to Help You Market Your Business

A lot of entrepreneurs panic over how they are going to market their business. That’s because they don’t understand true marketing involves every aspect of your business including you. There's no better salesperson for your product or service than you. ...more

Lucky for Baby 4th of July Sale Promotion - Take 30% off

Lucky for Baby is having a 4th of July sale. Save 30% on any full price item now through July 5th at midnight. Use Lucky for Baby code jul408 to get 30% off of Mor Mor Rita, Scout Organics, Nest Organic Building Blocks, Kea and Joby and more! ...more