How to Get a 6-Figure Book Advance

We are at the end of week #1 for Write Nonfiction in November. Is your nonfiction project unfolding easily and effortlessly? Are you  learning new and useful information by reading this blog? I hope so. ...more

Go! Start Writing Nonfiction Now! And Don’t Stop Until November 30!

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Polishing your pr skills - the secret is an open mind

If you really must know, and I've been doing this for over two decades, one of the biggest secrets to polishing your pr skills is simply - keep an open mind. Here's the whole story... ...more

Seven Free Tips to Help You Market Your Business

A lot of entrepreneurs panic over how they are going to market their business. That’s because they don’t understand true marketing involves every aspect of your business including you. There's no better salesperson for your product or service than you. ...more

Lucky for Baby 4th of July Sale Promotion - Take 30% off

Lucky for Baby is having a 4th of July sale. Save 30% on any full price item now through July 5th at midnight. Use Lucky for Baby code jul408 to get 30% off of Mor Mor Rita, Scout Organics, Nest Organic Building Blocks, Kea and Joby and more! ...more

Need for SPEED Casting Call Road Tour!!

Have you ever dreamt about being part of the NASCAR scene? Being surrounded by your favorite racers, cars whizzing by, fumes filling the air? ...more