Do Tell: I Rocked That Prom Dress Contest. Look Who Won an iPod Touch!

Thanks again to Kristy Sammis of Promtacular for hosting our Do Tell: I Rocked That Prom Dress Contest. The envelope, please. ...more

I'm pretty sure my husband would delete it if I put it on there anyway. Minus a few songs, he's ...more

Do Tell: Share Your Prom Dress Photos and Win an iPod Touch!

The conversation went something like this: "My dress? I just remember bows. Everything had bows. Bows on the boobs, bows on the butt, bows around the bottom, clip-on bows for my shoes, bows in my hair ... " "Mine was short, and the entire bodice was made of stretchy black sequins." "Whoa. Black sequins? That sounds ... " I was sure my friend was going to tell me that my sequined dress sounded like a joke. But she surprised me. "... kind of AMAZING." ...more

I hate to be a party-pooper, but I was the poor nerd girl who couldn't have afforded to go to ...more