Dear Leonard Pitts, "Citizen Journalism" Is Not the Enemy. Lying Is.

Your larger point - that a lot of people who call themselves "citizen journalists" are, like O'Keefe more interested in advancing an ideology than in the pursuit of truth - is best served when we hold professional news organizations to the standards to which we claim to subscribe. That's where critics of the news media who like to cite the transgressions of such former reporters as Jayson Blair, Jack Kelley, Janet Cooke, Mitch Albom and other plagiarists and fabulists miss the point....more

No Jill, I haven't sent it to him, but that is a good suggestion. I was stunned by the tone of ...more

America's Embrace of Fascism

There’s a lot of the world socialism being thrown around these days. However, the US couldn’t be farther away from socialism. That’s because it’s actually fascist....more

Why James O'Keefe Is Not A Journalist

James O'Keefe, the undercover videographer known for his recent arrest at Sen. Mary Landrieu's office and last fall's ACORN sting videos, calls himself an investigative journalist in the tradition of 60 Minutes and others. Even if you are a fan of his work, I hope that you recognize that he is an activist and propagandist, not a journalist by the standards most professionals use....more

I'm glad this popped in my box today. I meant to add this information that came out after ...more