Stylish Cocktail: A Perfect Day Dress + Lemon Bubbly.

You know certain outfits and cocktails seem to go hand-in-hand? (Think body-con LBD with a dirty martini, or a glass of champagne and a sequined skirt.)The team at Gracie B. thought so, too. They rounded up a few bloggers and asked us to choose an item from their new spring inventory and match it with a cocktail. Fashion and adult beverages? Yes and yes, count me in....more

Sgroppino...toast the New Year

Italian sparkling white wine and a simple scoop of lemon sorbet (or blended)...for a cocktail, dessert drink, or palette cleanser.

A Bubblicious New Year

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year – especially if you’re a Bubbly Girl like me. Why do I love this wine? Because it’s impossible to be in a bad mood while drinking a glass of bubbly. Just try, I dare you. Pop the cork, fill your glass with the fizzy liquid and as the bubbles race to the top, can’t you feel your mood rise? You’ll be smiling by the time that glass reaches your lips. ...more

Amen for bubbly Maria.
You know, I just discovered how incredible bubbly can be in baked goods ...more

The Best Sparkling Holiday Cocktails

Years ago, as I was developing the set of tenets by which I live, I put in place a very firm piece of my personal code of ethics: My refrigerator shall always contain a chilled bottle of sparkling wine. It doesn't have to be French champagne (in fact, often, it's quite-affordable Cava or something produced locally), but it has to have bubbles, and it has to be ready. In this world, we spend so much time preparing for the worst that this small gesture, to me, is a way of shaking my fist in the face of everything bad in the world and preparing for the best.The only time there isn't a bottle of sparkling wine in my refrigerator? The morning after the celebratory stand-by has been popped, of course....more

You're welcome, Stephanie -- and thanks for reblogging! Wishing you a very happy New ...more


Over the last couple years, I have developed an affinity for red wines.  I used to be loyal to Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, but I have deserted them in favor of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  However, I thoroughly enjoy a glass of Prosecco.  I find its bubbles and dryness to be an excellent combination. This enjoyment of Prosecco has ventured into my home bartending menu.  I prefer my cocktails or martinis to be light and fruity but not too sweet.  The addition of this bubbly beverage is a wonderful way to lighten a drink without adding sweetness.   ...more

Semi-Sweet and Sparkling

In the past year or two, I have come to enjoy the taste of Prosecco.  A light, sparkling wine, it is delicious served with a light meal or appetizer.  However, it also serves as the perfect finish for a cocktail. One of my favorite cocktails to make with Prosecco is a bellini.  Typically, this adults only beverage is made with fresh peaches.  However, I tend to buy more nectarines than peaches, so when making cocktails for my husband and myself one evening, I decided to switch fruits.  The nectarine was a delicious alternative to peach and was enjoyed by both of us. ...more