9 Things Women Don't Do In Movies That Make Me Crazy

Yesterday I binged on a Dirty Harry marathon, and couldn't sleep from over stimulation of violence and raw justice. I yelled at the television occasionally, when I thought people were doing it 'wrong', and thought of 9 things women don't do in movies that they should be doing.Yelling at the the television is an obnoxious habit, and proves I'm getting old, or crazy, or need to get out of the house more. I don't care. I will take you down, if you keep telling me I can't yell at people in movies....more

How Can She Do That?

Is there someone in your life about whom you regularly wonder, "How can she do that?" No one's perfect, of course, but this one seems to be deliberately evil. She's willing to say or do anything to get what she wants--whether it's a promotion, or revenge, or a new purse. Maybe she lies, or steals, or manipulates. Maybe she actually breaks the law--but more likely, she skirts the edges of legal, staying barely in-bounds; and what's worse, she never gets caught or experiences the consequences of her amoral behaviors. ...more