Helicopter Parenting

There is no disputing the fact that it is important to be actively involved in your son’s life.You try to help him out with homework, you get to know his friends, and expose him to new hobbies and extracurricular activities.  But where do we draw the line?Do you drive your child to school rather than letting him walk three blocks by himself?Do you call your son’s teacher to protest his math grade?Do you ban your son from trick-or-treating for he might be kidnapped or poisoned by candy from a stranger?...more

Please Don't Touch My Baby

The woman smiled as she wiped off the table next to ours. Munchkin smiled back at her. She smiles at everyone, all the time. Don't take it personally. Rag in one hand, spray bottle in the other, the woman continued to clean while now fully engaging Munchkin. Munchkin moved excitedly in her stroller, eager to show off her latest ability to wave at rapid speed. The woman took this as an invitation to approach Munchkin and ask for a high-five...with the same hand she'd been using to clean tables. She got closer and closer, "high-five? ...more