25 New Ways To Use Protein Powder

I have a very love/ hate relationship with protein powder.After I run or lift weights I always have a protein shake to help my muscles recover and build themselves back stronger than ever. I truly see a huge difference in my work out progress when I regularly consume protein powder BUT drinking the same shake over and over again can get old.Until very recently I hadn't even thought to mix things up and instead of drinking a boring shake maybe using some protein powder in things like cookies, pancakes, muffins, energy balls...etc....more

Protein and Women: A complete guide on Protein Powder for Women

Protein forms an essential part of muscle building process. Yet, a big portion of women stray away from consuming proteins. This guide gives you complete details on protein, myths and their benefits. We all have experienced that after a week of dieting and exercise, you still cannot get the desired body shape and still have craving for the pizza, pasta and ice cream....more

Pumpkin Protein Boosts Recipe

 Pumpking Protein Boosts Recipe...more

Today's everyday poetry: of rice and beans

This story is not a poem. But the picture rhymes, don't you think?...more

Processed food, properly understood

Add cashew milk and voila, breakfast.    Lunch's humble beginnings.  ...more

A flaky friend that's good for me

Photo via onegreenplanet.orgFor a variety of reasons, we decided a few months ago to try a light vegetarian-ish diet. We still eat plenty of eggs, cheese, and yogurt, so we're nowhere near vegan, but we keep the animal protein to the level of occasional garnish....more

Eat for your ideal weight

Eat for your ideal weightPosted on March 26, 2015by ka...more

A Healthy Version of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Its OK to crave chocolate and to succumb to it every now and then. We are human after all, live a little bit! There's too much stress on ourselves for staying on track, not caving into cravings, etc; and while it's important to have self discipline, It will not hurt us to treat ourselves....more

Samoa Cookie Protein Pancakes

Yes, there’s nothing quite like a Saturday morning. :)So, let’s talk about the important thing here: PANCAKES. ...more


Everyone loves the delicious combination of chocolate and peanut butter, right?  Well, what if I told you, you could have that as a snack and it’s healthy? Today is your lucky day, because I’m doing just that....more