Stop Mountaintop Coal Mining

We mine over a billon tons of coal every year in the United States. Around 20 percent of that comes from central Appalachia, where a type of coal mining called mountaintop coal mining is used for about 95 percent or more of the strip-mining. This form of mining is full of controversy and for good reason. ...more
@AVeryGoodYear @blogher what annoys me is how everyone attacks coal, but no one says a word ...more

Protesting SOPA

Kristen Daukas...more

Two Beef Tacos, Please -- Hold the Pepper Spray

Fox News seems to think that pepper spray is just a food product that burns the eyes, but the truth of this less-than-lethal weapon is a lot less benign. In this post, we examine just how hot pepper spray burns and what exposure really does to the human body. ...more
You can bet your ass if someone did this to a Tea Party rally, there would be a different tune. more

The Food Movement Will Occupy Wall Street Next Weekend

It's our turn! Next Saturday, advocates of food justice will be descending on the Occupy Wall Street encampment....more

Update: Troy Davis Executed 4 Hours After Original Schedule

Editor's update: Amy Goodman at Democracy Now reports that Troy Davis was executed at 11:08PM Eastern Time, after the the U.S. Supreme Court refused to stay the execution for Troy Davis about a half an hour earlier. #RIPTroyDavis was the top trending topic on Twitter following the announcement that the stay had been denied....more
We call this "the information age" because we all have nearly unlimited access whenever we want ...more

Brave Young Woman Injured While Speaking Truth to Power

I've been rather absorbed with other things and even more other things, but a friend's injury and arrest in Washington D.C. finally got my attention. ...more

Women's Day and Africa/Middle East

Until my second year in college, I did not know International Women's Day existed. But one day in March, as I walked the main thoroughfare across campus, a stranger with a bunch of flowers handed me a blossom with an informational tag and said, "Happy Women's Day." I was intrigued. I returned to my apartment after class, did some internet research, and discovered a holiday dedicated to advancing the political, economic, and social rights of women--a holiday so unlike the American Mother's Day, a day of expensive brunches, flowers, and cards....more

Five things Italian Women can do to Demand Dignity

The movement of women at the If not now, then When? rallies by tens of thousands was quite a sight to see.  So, in an effort to contribute my 2cents' worth, I'd like to provide a quick reference guide to demanding dignity (or, guerrilla handbook) for those who don't know what the next steps should be:...more

According to the Irish Times ...more

Women with Conflicting Backgrounds & Working Towards Common Goals

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve wanted to find out what happened to my grandfather’s family (as of October 1939, I knew he had six sisters, all married with children, and a mother; his father died when he was a teenager). The advent of the internet has made this research far easier, although still it is very complicated. Zofia Kossak-Szczucka and Irena Sendlerowa are two courageous activist women who I recently learned about who provide stark contrasts in the underlying reasons for their exceptional humanitarian works. ...more

A professor I had at Georgetown was a well-known Polish Catholic underground figure, Jan Karski. ...more

"Target Ain't People"

Now shit like this makes me proud to be a member of society. This does not happen often. I think it is so cool that there are people out there who instead of just whining and bitching (cough cough…me) actually DO something to make a change. People may look at it as silly or a waste of time…but it isn’t. Even if the people in that particular Target store didn’t “get it” at the time…this video has already had over 200 thousand hits!! It IS reaching people. I am very proud of these perfect strangers. Big CHEERS from me!!!!! ...more