Smug Republicans: Stop Mocking Our Despair and Let Us Grieve As We See Fit

If Republicans’ first response to winning the election is any indication of things to come, this country has little hope of ever uniting.  Even under the best of circumstances, recovering from this recent loss seems almost insurmountable. But, when you add in the response of many Republicans —who are openly criticizing Hillary supporters who are faced with the agonizing task of dispensing with their grief and embracing a man they fear and loathe—you can plainly see that the division that now exists is destined to grow wider....more

A Letter to the Market Basket Protestors

By now, many of you have probably heard of the protests occurring at many of the Market  Basket stores around Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as well as anywhere there is a Market Basket store. The protestors are picketing to bring back the former president, Artie T. DeMoulas, who, from what has been said was a stand-up president and an all-around great guy. (And yes, I know that's not the only reason....more

Canada's Priscilla Judd, Singing Activist

Priscilla Judd has a vision. She is determined to inform the world it's taken a wrong turn....more
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Singing Social Activists

You have to understand. I grew up in the 1950s and 60s. Activism was a part of my childhood, like Dora the Explorer instructs children today. ...more
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Should Children Be Involved in Protests?

How strongly do you believe in your cause? Would you risk your child's life? Where do your loyalties lie? One woman apparently believes in the Occupy movement so much that she put her four-year-old daughter on train tracks to help shut down the Port of Portland.READ MORE, SEE VIDEO:...more

Occupy Portland: Misplaced outrage?

This letter to the editor, published Dec. 5, came exactly 60 days after the Occupy Wall Street movement spread to Portland: *****Park damage caused by Occupy Portland: $85,000  Portland police overtime: $1,290,000  Bank bailouts: $7,700,000,000,000  Misplaced outrage over the protests: Priceless  JEFF THORNETigard***** ...more

Know when to protest, and why


It sounds to me like, as a teenager, you cared nothing for the issues that drove people to ...more

Connecting with the Editor: The Yemen Times

It was, undoubtedly, the nature of the article on the International Women’s Media Forum that I read about her which prompted me to contact her....more

An earthquake victim's letter to a dead friend

Yesterday, the disheartened - and hardening - citizens of earthquake-ravaged Aquila, took to the streets; this time, not to shovel out in wheelbarrows the detritus of their homes, but to protest in Rome about the slow pace (some would say a stock-still  pace) of reconstruction.  And while about 16000 citizens have returned to makeshift habitats there, it seems the only one who got a fabulous apartment in a pre-war building was the head of the buildings projects - but his swanky place 'gifted' by builders was on Rome's haughty via Giulia....more

Higher Education Protests Were Inspiring, Disappointing

On Thursday morning, I knew it was going to be a long day when the first fire alarm went off in the classroom building where I work. As the fire engine pulled up to the building, my eye followed its length and landed on a single word chalked on the back of the building: STRKE. Yes, without the i, because apparently there is no "I" in "strike." ...more

It's very difficult for people outside of academia to understand what we do as it is, and ...more