I got a call from the White House

Sunday night, I got a call from the White House...well, the Portsmouth Staffer on behalf of the White House. ...more

Way to go after those tickets! Would you come back and tell us what happens? And do you have a ...more

Bush's War and Obama's Muslim Roots Both Played Important Roles in Iran's Protest Movement

Obots (e.g., Bill Keller on MTP) are happy to credit the inchoate pro-democracy movement in Iran to a single speech that Obama gave even as they continue to deny an important ingredient in Mr. Obama’s sway with the Muslim world--his Muslim roots found in his middle name and elsewhere. In fact, the media becomes absolutely apoplectic if anyone other than Obama mentions his Muslim roots.This site does think that Obama-- a guy who has Muslim roots--is of no small appeal to Muslims. He is far less “other” that the stodgy white male presidents who came before him. ...more

Neda: A young woman's murder becomes the symbol of Iranian resistance

By now you might have seen the wrenching YouTube video: A young woman shot dead on the streets of Tehran as she and her father (some reports say he was one of her professors) watched a crowd of protestors on Saturday. You see her standing; you see her fall; you see the desparate effort to save her as blood spurts from her nose and mouth and streams down her beautiful, youthful face. ...more

Hi Jane,

Actually, I did not agree with the Pentagon's decision to ban photos of the ...more

Protests rock Iran as Ahmadinejad claims re-election landslide

The streets of Iran are now quiet after thousands of protestors took to the streets there for a second day after Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed a landslide victory in last week's presidential election. The results, which put Ahmadinejad ahead of his rival, former prime minister Mir Hossein Mousavi by a margin of 67 to 34 percent, have sparked widespread charges of voting irregularities. Voter turnout was reportedly as high as 80 percent; analysts had thought a high turnout would benefit the opposition. ...more

Kim-Thanks for the update, which I assume was directed at my comment, but I'm not convinced ...more

It's Called Democracy

Yes, there have been protests in Minneapolis-St. Paul. I haven't seen too many where I've been, as I have mostly been inside the convention center blogging and tracking down people. ...more

"Pray for China?"

This morning in my usual semicomatose state, I drove to the gym. As I passed through the town center, I noticed a lone man standing with a sign. I craned my neck to see what his sign said as I raced to the gym. I figured it would have something to do with McCain or Obama, or maybe Iraq, or possibly even the controversy over replacing some very new town parking meters because a portion of the population in town is too stupid to figure out how to use them (or more likely too much in a hurry to use up their quarter's worth of time to completely read the instructions). ...more

Bloggers show power and organizational muscle with AP boycott

In a stunning demonstration of the power shift between traditional and mainstream press, the Associated Press announced that it will develop new policies for fair use of its content by non-members after bloggers responded to a takedown notice to one blogger with a boycott that spread like wildfire over the weekend. ...more

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Protesting Through Photography

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." --Dorothea Lange, American photographer, (1895-1965) A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, but some photographs can be worth just one heavy handful of potent words - words pregnant with meaning, set in bold with exclamation points and a severe emotional font, like Toxica. ...more

YouTube, The Media and China: An Adversarial Relationship

If you live in the United States and you want to get your YouTube fix, you flip on your computer, log on to the site and you're good to go. But if you happen to live in China, you're just as liable to flip on your computer, type in the YouTube address and get an error message and a blank screen.  At first you might think, oh my computer's slow today or something must be going on with the server, but you'd probably be wrong.  That's because China's been blocking YouTube to its citizens for the last several weeks in order to block the viewing of videos of anti-China protests in Tibet.  Many of those protests have become violent and depending on who you believe, they were fostered by pro-democracy pioneers who were set upon and brutalized by the Chinese government or rioting agitators determined to foster unrest and make China look bad, especially during this Olympic year. ...more