Staying Focused

What a weekend this has been.  The other day we had a huge wind come through Green Country and it blew in all kinds of stuff – including what ever it is I seem to be allergic to.  I have been not feeling like myself for a couple of days now and in fact have spent the majority of this weekend lying in bed mostly sleeping.  So- as far as the work I wanted to get done I still have all that to do this week.  We shall see- maybe I can take a day off and hit the house hard.  I am feeling more human right now and that is a relief! ...more

Proud Blogger Mom

In my life's journey as a MOM who works in an average of 1 hour a day as a Home Service Tutorial Teacher and not that fortunate enough to get stable span and tutorial schedules, Im happy and so full of being hands-on mother and mentor to my cute little brainy son. ...more