If I Wanted To Find A Needle In A Haystack, I'd Go To A Sowing Farm

My elderly aunt regrets the current disuse by ordinary mortals, namely us, of  proverbs in everyday language. Not the biblical Proverbs; presumably those will be around for awhile, but regular old proverbs, like 'Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels', or 'Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty'. All the people who used to say that are in their sixties and seventies now, and refuse to trust anyone over 95....more

Proverbs 3 The Benefits of God's Wisdom

Seeking God's wisdom is not always our natural inclination yet it is the best course of action.We benefit far beyond what we may ever realize when we seek and choose His divine wisdom instead of relying on what we think or feel. Where can you find the wisdom of God? It is written in the Bible.Proverbs 3 below talks about the benefits of wisdom or as Bible Gateway titles it "Wisdom Bestows Well-Being"...more
Thank you!  I love Wisdom literature.   I had written several dialogues about threads and ...more

Part Three of Wisdom Has a Woman’s Name: Proverbs for Today?

The Daughter asked: “How do you spin all day, and seeso little for your effort, and keep from discouragement?” The Mother answered: “See this little square of texture and design?It is enough to wrap the universe in comfort and warmth.” The Daughter was perplexed. “How can this be?” The Mother replied: “Even a few inches of loving intentcan spread to span continents. Ask a ray of sun.”...more

Part One: Wisdom Has a Woman's Name

“The wise woman builds her house ... ” (Proverbs 14:1).       I remember when I first heard this verse, as a young teenager. I was being quite deliberately counseled and “fed” the word. Somehow, a slightly older high school girl in our church had evidently seen promise in me, and had taken me on in her one-on-one discipleship ministry. I had parents who were both churchgoers, active in attendance and support of the small suburban start-up church in our neighborhood....more
Hello there, Isabel! Good evening! I noticed this link in one of the comments under a post and ...more

My mom's example

My original intention to do something grandiose for my mom on Mother’s Day didn’t materialized… reminding myself of the little hedgehog in stories I used read to my daughters (they’ll understand).   So instead..I’ll use this practical means to, once again, deservedly, honour my mom!  ...more