[Video] The West Wing Reunion: Talking The Walk

If you've been fantasizing about Bartlett 2012, your dreams are about to come true. (I'm kind of an Allison Janney fanatic myself.) Fans of The West Wing rejoice, even if it's only for a few minutes this PSA from Funny or Die brings us right back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave as we remember it in the Sorkin years. Ah, the good ol' days....more
@the818 you just made my effing week.more

Save the Children

"For just one dollar a day, you could feed a child for life." We all know those commercials. The ones where the missionary-type person is walking around an impoverished nation, loving kids in front of the camera and begging for our help. The children are starving. They really do need help. Their stomachs are swollen and distended, their limbs are gaunt, their eyes are big...sad and hopeful. ...more

New Study Finds Prostate Cancer Screening May Have No Benefit

A controversy is brewing over the benefits (or lack of benefits) of screening for prostate cancer. Although prostate cancer doesn't affect women directly, it does affect the men we love, and that's why these latest studies on screening are so important for us to understand. ...more

Trick-or-treating for Unicef and other ways to care on Halloween

My favorite twin boys in the whole wide world, Ben and Alex, will be Trick-or-Treating for Unicef this Halloween. Since none of you are in the Babylon area (probably) and they cannot come Trick-or-Treat at your door, go here to donate to Unicef. This is really a situation in which every penny counts. Here are some figures: 6ยข provides water for 1 thirsty kid$2 provides nutrition for 1 hungry kid ...more

A Definition of Bitter Divorce

Now I know what "bitter divorce" means. It means that you can't look at the person you used to long to look at and be looked at by; and when you do, you quickly look away with a feeling of contempt and a lip curled in disgust at the sight of that person and your own incomprehensible attraction to him at some point in the distant, the oh so distant past. It means that every interaction is painstakingly drawn out, complicated and fraught with maneuvers, games, and posturing. ...more
You should love your kids more than you hate your ex. Life does go on. Go through the "process" ...more