Confession: I have an Autoimmune Disease

I’ve thought about writing this blog post so many times over the past three years.I’ve sorted carefully through the words in my head, trying to figure a way to properly express the multitude of feelings that come with a psoriasis diagnosis. Even now that I’ve committed to finally talking about it, I can’t quite figure out a way to describe the shame and despair caused by a flare up.I’ve been living with plaque psoriasis for over a decade, but it has taken me so many years to even say the words out loud to my closest friends....more

Psori Assist

Picture this... Its January. I'm in the car on my way to work. Hair in a high bun. Make up on point. Suddenly, I feel a slight tingle in the back of my head. I reach back to give it a little scratch and BOOM! I notice that this is not just a little tingle, this feels like a little patch of dry skin. (Ok. No big deal.) I decide to stop at my best friends house on the way to take a quick look. She confirms it! I have a dry patch on my scalp. I didn't panic....more

Psoriasis, Anemia, Some Extra Pounds and a Pinch of High Glucose for Good Measure (Personal Experience with Neem Leaves)

NOTE: Neem must NOT be consumed by Pregnant/Trying to Concieve Women or by Children!!  Read time: average 7 minutesPsoriasis, Anemia, Some Extra Pounds and a Pinch of High Glucose for Good Measure...more

Tim Gunn Helps Those with Psoriasis

I’m a huge Project Runway fan.  I realized that I’ve actually seen every episode of every season except for the very first episode of the first season of the show.  I think this season of the show has turned out to be one of the best, and ...more

Where did my femininity go?

Hubby: Baby, if I make over-time this week, we could take you out shopping for new clothes. Me: Huh? What? You hate shopping and helllooo, I have no job, we have lawyer fees, rent, bills, diapers and every other bloody thing imaginable! We can't spend money on clothes for me. Hubby: Yes we can, you need it. Me: Um, excuse me, since when are you interested in what I wear? You never comment on what I wear, no matter how hard I try. And then I stop walking (we were on our way to the supermarket) and I look down at myself. Me: Oh shit, I've turned into a dude. ...more

Body Betrayal: Learning to Live in it, Love it, and Forgive it

Feel free to check out for the full content of this blog post! ...more

LeAnn Rimes Interview: Her Courageous Battle With Psoriasis

So...A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to interview LeAnn Rimes about her struggles with psoriasis and her awareness campaign Stop Hiding & Start Living.  I think it's a great campaign and I was happy to help bring more awareness to this physically and emotionally debilitating skin condition. **Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that is NOT contagious. ...more
zainverjeecnn leannrimes it's nerves You have nothing to be nervous about. Everything is ...more

Going Green :] – Eco skin care and makeup

I have been trying so many different brands of skin care and makeup during the years to find some that really is gentle but still gives the skin what it need.  Lots of money have been spent on rather expensive product but without any positive results and sometimes even making the skin react in a negative way. ...more