Writing the Hero's Journey

When my son was a child, he always asked to hear “Rapunzel” when we were together in the car. This story, like Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, Snow White, and countless others involves a child abandoned in some way first by her mother who dies and then by her father.   ...more

The Great Fake-Out

My 16 month-old son has recently discovered that he loves to tumble...and scare the crap out of Mommy.  His gymnastics are starting to get very daring.  Daring and heart-stopping.  When I'm dead of a heart attack next week because of this child, I would like for Wilford Brimley to give my eulogy and explain that I did NOT have diabetes.     http://www.merrywifeofcanon.com/post.cfm/psyche ...more