The Return of Carleatha

My daughter is caught in a hamster wheel. She can jump off occasionally, but before long, she is on again ... running for her life. A couple of years ago I wrote about her battle with a depressive episode that lasted for months. She spent many weeks in the psych unit at the local hospital. She's been in and out several times since, sometimes for mania, but this time, once again, she's depressed. One of her floor mates two years ago is now her roommate. ...more

Scenes from a Psych Ward

My middle daughter has suffered with serious mental disorders since she was seventeen.  Countless visits to various psych wards and doctor's offices continue to plague her existence.  In 2010 she went through her first series of ECTs.  These are diary entries from that period.   Despite her illness and her battle with Diabetes Type I, she continues to excel, having graduated with a B.S....more