Psycho- The Law As Well As Logic

What I'm going to declare upset and may very possibly surprise a large number of visitors, uncomfortable details frequently do. I'll state within the subsequent websites plain propositions will be shown by me and the next quite simple:1. Psychology (and psychiatry) is not a science2. The approval of psychiatric and mental viewpoint as specialist is consequently like a matter of reasoning oftentimes a break of the High Court Guidelines on expert research. Our summary is likely to be the judicial function has been eroded by "psychologic"....more

Labor of Letting Go

I wish I had a nickel for every time someone had warned me last year, my son’s last in high school, against the dreaded “empty nest”....more

Why Write About Criminals?

Why did I write about criminals?  Find out here.  ...more

Appointment One

Today I had my first appointment with my new psychologist. I quite liked her.She's explaining the link between childhood experience and depression with a lil triangle diagram, and i'm interested. She also gave me ideas for my stickerchart and how to improve on it for the new one, which I'll be starting on Sunday.I'm shattered though.Next week we're talking more about the past, and the mind statements that sets up for the future. ie, the present. argh. now i'm confused....more

Day in the life of a Psychologist

It seems that we are all collectively going through the same issues even though we often don't discuss them with others.For instance - most couples I see complain that they often argue about housework....more