3 Ways To Be More Confident

Lauren WaltersHave you ever doubted yourself?  Have you ever felt that you could be more confident?  If you are feeling this way, this article is for you.  Here are 3 ways to be more confident:1. Never compare yourself to others.  You are meant to be yourself.  Everyone is unique  and different in their own way.2. Always smile.  Smiling naturally shows that you are confident.  It shows you are comfortable in your own skin.3. Never be afraid to say no to someone.  This person will respect you more....more

Cause I'm Happy

I don't know, I'm a little scared to be honest.  I think I might be happy. Isn't that a mind fuck?  I don't even know how to proceed. It's new territory for me.  ...more

Living With a Psychopath (Impact on a Child)

We watch it on television. We read about it in tabloids. We become armchair experts on the subject, sometimes even joking around and accusing each other of being one. But, what is it truly like to live with a psychopath? ...more

A Message To The Princeton Mom About Date Rape

Somehow the Princeton Mom was not on my radar.Until I recently googled her. Real name is Susan Patton.She touts the return of 1950's thinking about women. College being about catching a man to marry.I wasn't all that affected by what she said.  She could have her opinion. After all, I remember the book by Marabel Morgan about how women should wrap themselves in Saran Wrap before their husbands come home from work. That was popular for a while.Never caught on at my house....more

The diary of an anxious young lady

I'm starting a new column named Diary of an anxious lady. I wanted to share some thoughts how anxiety feels and how to beat it if you can. I'm going to post frequently, where all of the events are real, and so are the characters. I changed their names and some circumstances. The main character in this diary is called Pelin, a girl with dark black hair, a perfectionist with an anxiety disorder. Her other half is Marcel, a boy with a lot on his mind, but carrying an endless love in his heart. ...more

Ten Things To Keep in Mind When Parenting Only Children

I was an only child, and I hated it.  Whenever I meet only children who didn’t hate being only children, and who even may choose to have one child themselves, I wonder what went right in their experience versus mine.  I’ve come up with a few things that parents definitely need to keep in mind if they are raising an only child.  ...more

Choosing a Path to Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental problems or disorders via psychological means instead of medical therapies. Psychotherapy is a general term as there are various types of psychological treatments that may be employed to help clients deal with their mental and emotional problems. The cornerstone of the treatment, in any case, is the relationship that develops between the therapist and the patient as they work together to deal with the patient's mental problems....more

My Hair Is a Story. I Kept the Part About the Girl with a Backbone.

Somewhere around 2009, I decided to grow my hair out. To be 100% honest, as I always am on this blog, I decided to grow my hair because I thought I would be getting married in the next few years. Boy, did I miss the mark on that one (but found my Mark three years later ... wow, that was a cheesy pun)....more
Yup, definitely!more

The Tragedy of Living Your Life Facing Backwards


Insane Until Proven Sane: Realities of Prison Psych Wards

Originally posted on ChapterTK.com*I swear there are no spoilers in this post (but there may be some hints)...more