What Are Your "Odd" Emotions?

While performing social media consulting work for a child psychologist, my eyes were drawn to a Psychology Today magazine sitting in the office lobby.  The headline for the cover story read “Odd Emotions:  Master The Feelings You Can’t Name.” The title alone was intriguing enough to stoke my interest because, well, I’m a “highly sensi...more

The Great Sex Addiction Epidemic

The Sex Epidemic. Those are the words Newsweek used to headline an article about sexual addiction. While the piece does a decent job of describing hypersexuality -- thereby destroying the ability of those caught red handed to claim sex addiction as a way to get off scot-free -- it discredits itself by being so quick to point to the internet as a main cause of the problem. ...more
Fascinating blog! Your depiction is attention-grabbing. Thanks for sharing your valued vision. ...more

Are Parents Ruining Their Children?

Are parents ruining their children? This expansive article by Psychology Today, first released in 2004, says yes. ...more

Psychology Today: "Black Women Less Attractive than Other Women"....and Plants and Animals, Too.

On Monday morning, Psychology Today published an article by blogger Satoshi Kanazawa, who argued that, based on a study in which respondents were allegedly interviewed over a period of seven years (on an objective and subjective level), Black women are viewed as less physically attractive than other women. ...more
What BettyFokker said. more


“We need to be very clear about what being beautiful means - being sexually appealing to men.”...more

Perhaps Amy's statement should read more like this:

"We need to be very clear about what ...more

(VIDEO) Psychology Today on The Beauty Myth. Again, Seriously?

According to Amy Alkon, either my husband is not biologically/genetically man or he is blind. That’s because I managed to “catch” (or “snag” or “land” -- she uses all of these hunting metaphors in her article ”The Truth About Beauty" in Psychology Today on why you better be attractive if you don’t want to die alone and poor with 17 cats who eat your face off before anyone even notices that you are missing because who would care about you anyway if you aren’t physically attractive according to a narrow set of standards) him while I was 35 pounds overweight and did not wear make-up. ...more

Beauty is very subjective! You will be surprised how the most unattractive women are still able ...more

Mark Sichel, Burning Moms in the Town Square?



Thanks very much for reading and your comments, whatkindofmom :) I couldn't ...more