Looking Back – But How Far?

"Look at where you are now compared to where you were when we started. Look how far you've come." This is what my therapist frequently tells me. And she's right.When I first came to see her I was a total mess. It is a measure of my progress that I no longer refer to myself as "pathetic." it has been months – years –since I have used that word to describe myself....more

Am I Ready to Stop Therapy?

I got my first hint that I might be ready to stop therapy when I realized how little I was going. Over the years I have scaled down from weekly sessions to biweekly.Then I noticed that, effectively, I've been going only once a month. I've been forgetting appointments, showing up on the wrong day, oversleeping, feeling poorly physically, or having too much freelance work to do.Of course, those could be signs that I'm in denial, that I'm resisting therapy, that we've hit a bad patch of difficult issues and I just don't want to deal with them....more

Needy People: How to Understand, Relate and Heal

“If you don't receive love from the ones who are meant to love you, you will never stop looking for it.”― Robert Goolrick, The End of the World as We Know It: Scenes from a Life“Our lives are determined less by our childhood than by the traumatic way we have learned to remember our childhoods.”― James Hillman...more

Choosing a Path to Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental problems or disorders via psychological means instead of medical therapies. Psychotherapy is a general term as there are various types of psychological treatments that may be employed to help clients deal with their mental and emotional problems. The cornerstone of the treatment, in any case, is the relationship that develops between the therapist and the patient as they work together to deal with the patient's mental problems....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I Like the Feeling of Getting Cut

Dear Dr. Romance:Is it normal to like the feeling of glass cutting your skin? I like the feeling of getting cut. This isn't good, is it? Dear Reader:...more



Today is the The Oprah Winfrey Show finale. The end of an era and, I fear, the beginning of a long heartbreak for millions of fans around the world.  What excuse will I now have everyday at 4pm to shut off the world, pour a glass of wine, and get on the phone with my girlfriends to say, "Oh my God, are you watching Oprah?"  I just might have to have a lesbian affair with a bi-polar, body building, politician who jumps up on my couch to declare her love for me then surprises me with a makeover by Carson Kressley in ...more

Therapy, Anyone? Everyone?

Wearing many hats is part and parcel of womanhood. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Christian, clergy spouse, and a therapist. I wear the therapist hat only part time these days, but it's still an important part of my persona. Working at this calling one day a week keeps me in touch with the process and with people who mean a great deal to me -- those with whom I am privileged to work....more

Munchausen Syndrome : Faking illnesses in order to get attention and care

The more I talk about Munchausen Syndrome (that may or may not be diagnosed) the more I wonder about this seeminly rare condition that may be growing due to internet forums, social networking sites and other triggers that can lead a current or potential sufferer of this condition to go further with their claims of sicknesses.   These are not the headline making people like those who have taken huge sums of money for fake illnesses and spent them on vacations, breast enlargements or cars....more

Are there any treatment programs that have been successful helping people with this problem?


This Intolerable Situation, Concluded

So what she said was, “There’s no way you’re going to be able to do this.” She stared at me, with a kind of Am I being punk’d? half-smile on her face, like she just couldn’t believe how naïve I was. ...more