Owning Our Truth: Telling Our Stories Sex & The City Style

It breaks my heart that Sex and The City ended. For nearly a decade, I could pretend that women really do gather together over Cosmos, talking about sex, career, relationships, and the meaning of life according to Carrie Bradshaw, all while decked out in Manolo Blahniks and sporting styling haircuts, both cranial and pubic. As a gynecologist, my whole life changed when Sex and the City showed up. Suddenly, I had to sign up for HBO just to keep up with my patients. They would show up at my office saying, “Is my vagina depressed like Charlotte’s?” or “How can I turn myself into a Samantha in the bedroom?”  Suddenly, for the first time in my medical career, women were actually talking about vaginas!...more

To Get/Keep a Man, Shave to His Will?

I visited a friend in London this past weekend. While I was there, I ate lots and lots of yummy chocolate and cheese and baked goods. I basked in the idea that national health care was a given. Even more, the UK National Health Service doesn't rob women of their reproductive rights by allowing religion to dictate what health services are covered; except for in Northern Ireland, termination (abortion) services are covered. After a horrible week in the US, where Democrats sold out women and allowed religious lobbies to impose their beliefs on my health, I thought about defecting. London is perfect! Well, except that even in the UK, women are told that you need set aside your own preferences and needs if you want to get and keep a man. ...more

I wax for my boyfriend because I know he likes it. It turns me on knowing it turns him on. But I ...more

Is It Safe to Dye Pubic Hair?

Kathleen P. recently asked me if it is safe to dye pubic hair. Specifically, she wrote: "When I saw the Sex & the City episode when Samantha dyed her pubic hair, I thought it was the stupidest, most unrealistic story line ever... My, how things can change in a few years. I'm in my mid-40's now and I've noticed that I have a significant amount of grey hair down there. When she dyed her pubic hair it turned a hideous color and she ended up removing it all. Too much information alert: Being bare down there is not for me but neither is grey hair! Is it safe to dye my pubic hair?" ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Attack of the Redneck Mommy

When we reach beyond the expected boundaries of the everyday we expect praise, perhaps even applause. The script in our mind may even play out a John Williams score, foreshadowing the risk or the sacrifice behind our endeavor. One can only guess at the music playing behind Tanis's latest ordeal, one that she took on in a heroic attempt at maintaining--even enlivening--her marriage. Anticipating the return of her husband from an extended business trip, she attempts to make their home a place of comfort and ... adventure. ...more

 sure needed that laugh this morning!




The Battle of the Bikini Line

We're less than three weeks away from the official start of dreaded bathing suit season - er, I mean, summer - which means it is that time of the year that the front in the war against body hair moves a bit higher up on the leg to the Bikini Line. The Bikini Line is not unlike the Maginot Line in that the enemy is going to find a way around it, and new tools of defense are constantly being introduced for those who refuse to surrender and just buy board shorts. ...more

I'm all about shaving my vagoo. I think it's gross when it's unshaved, and REALLY itchy. ...more

No Cush for the Bush?

It's been a busy few weeks for vaginal protection! ...more

It's All In Your Underwear

I just picked a pair of my (soon to be ex) husband's underwear up from the bathroom floor and put them in the laundry basket that was approximately 6 inches from where they lay. Now, I'm a slob, so I have no right to judge, nor would I.  But the thing is, this is my bathroom, really. My laundry basket.  We haven't shared a room in months, as we've been lovingly and patiently navigating the next stage of our relationship. So I didn't really want to pick up his underwear.  And it offered forth an unwanted flood of ruminations on underwear, and what it means. ...more

What an amazing piece of writing.  My eyes, mind, and  heart just flooded with ...more

You Tell Me: Did I ask for sexually motivated emails?

OK, I realize that I have blogged about my pubic hair. Mind you, I last blogged about *my* pubic hair in 2006, so for all you'all know, I've since embraced the Brazilian, and "The Muff" is now a misnomer. But, OK. My pubic hair; I blogged it. To this day I get solicitous emails from guys I've never met about The Muff. And To A One I think: OMG, were you raised in a barn? ...more

on my personal blog got me lots of e-mails.  Unwanted ones, to say the least.  I didn't even ...more