Extended Breastfeeding and the Dis-approving Looks

I really feel for you as I too have had those kind of instances.  It's amazing - the negative ...more

Whether What's Private is Becoming Public

What's private and what's public? With the digital age and the speed of passing on information it's difficult to keep anything in the private realm. The ubiquitous paper trail is now a pathway created on the internet and available to anyone wise enough to figure out how to avail themselves of information. ...more

Choosing an Urban Public School

A few months before our first son was born, my husband and I moved into a charming downtown sort of neighborhood with many amenities: historic homes, tree-lined streets, shops and restaurants within walking distance. The community was eclectic and diverse, but good public education not one of the selling points. It was assumed that by the time our not-yet-born child turned five, we would move to a standard suburb with high scoring public schools. ...more
Hi Grace, "Have you seen inequities in the public school system based on race and ...more

She Wants Two Sisters :: On the Way to Adoption

That is Rowan's order. Two sisters, please. Named Rose and Moose. Well, maybe not. But maybe so (except for the named 'Moose' bit). We are working towards adopting. Given the time frames and many unknowns, we don't say much about it yet, other than to acknowledge it is 'in our plans'.  Perhaps this reticence goes back to our first adoption experience. ...more

Birds of a Feather: Tips for Choosing the Best School for Your Child

Blog Love As I sit here writing this, I have just come from a lovely local blogger gathering....more

The Changing Seasons: Types of Schools Available to American Children

Fall is in the Air There was a brisk feeling in the air on Sunday. We spent the whole day outside working and playing in the yard....more

A Year After Mumbai Attacks, Public Scrutiny Exposes Systemic Failures

In the build up to President Obama's first state dinner, news anchors wondered in awe and glee what new surprises --- like the now-immortalized Princess Diana-John Travolta twirl --- the occasion would throw up. Given that their guests were the India Prime Minister and his wife, I didn't expect another dance surprise. ...more

...coming from a Mumbaikar, Nita. Thanks and good to see you here again. I'm a lot like you ...more

Reality TV - At What Cost To Your Family

I often wonder what people watched on T.V. before the phenomena of reality T.V. shows.  It seems to have drawn such a huge audience, and week by week, viewers want to know about the rantings between a couple or family, what goes on behind closed boudouir doors, who cheated on who, the expensive purchases that are made, swapping households, etc.  Its all in the name of entertainment, but at what cost to the individuals, especially the children that are on the shows. ...more

Women in Business: Have Your Say Today

We are just a few days away from International Woman’s Day coming up on March 8, 2009.  What is the observation about?    International Women's Day is a mission-based program giving women knowledge and tools that will inspire them to raise awareness about the successes and challenges of women in the U.S. and abroad on International Women's Day and throughout the year. ...more